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Stop Bed Bug Bites

Tips for Keeping Bed Bugs from Biting

Did you know that there is a simple thing you can do to stop bed bug bites and you can also verify that you just didn’t kill bed bugs, you actually got rid of all of them?

Do this… to monitor bed bugs, is by using a Climbup Insect interceptor.   Place a plastic cup with dry ice in the center well and place under your bed.  The dry ice will evaporate creating CO2 that mimics you breathing.  This will activate bed bugs even during the day.  The activated bed bugs will search for a meal and will most likely end up in the trap.

Bed Bug Bites – Education Video

Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Another way to check for bed bugs is to place a heating pad on the floor with fresh bean leaves or several glue boards/ sticky traps adjacent to the pad or put duct tape sticky-side up surrounding the heating pad.  Then Lower the temperature of the room and leave the pad on all night in the room where the bed bugsonce were.  In the morning check for any bed bugs trapped in the glue or fresh bean leaves. Prevent bed bug bites and have a hassle-free sleep.

You can improve the trap by putting an Alka-Seltzer tablet on a damp sponge, then place it on a small plate and place it directly on the heating pad. Make sure the tablet does not dissolve too quickly – the slower the better.  The following day, check the trap. Make sure you’re not again a victim of those bed bug bites.

If you see bed bugs in either of these devices, then more eradication treatments are needed.

Treat Bed Bug Bites

If you you are unfortunate to have gotten bitten by bed bugs there is a bed bug bite treatment that works very well to stop the severe itching and swelling, as well heal bite. Bed bug bites are really itchy and annoying at times so might as well to treat those bed bug bites immediately.

Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Facts and Information on Bed Bugs

  • Female bed bugs lay up to five eggs a day and 500 during a lifetime.
  • Mostly bed bugs are considered disgusting and can be a source of stress and concern for people living in infested apartments.
  • First,  bed bugs don’t transmit diseases , and aren’t generally considered a threat to your health.
  • Because bed bugs travel by hitchhiking,  infestations are more common in places with high rates of turnover in the human population : apartment buildings, dormitories, homeless shelters, hotels and motels, and military barracks.
  • Florida bed bugs are a light to dark reddish brown with flattened oval torsos.

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