Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

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bed bug bites - image of bites on victimTreating Bed Bug Bites is often a persons concern and normally they ask, “how do I get rid of this terrible itch” or “are these Bed Bug Bites dangerous” or “do bed bugs pass on any diseases”?  Well relax, yes you can stop the itch, no – the bed bug bites are not dangerous, and no – there are no known diseases that bed bugs will pass on to you if you are bitten by them.

Simply put, the worst part is dealing with the infestation and getting rid of the itch.  You’ve been injected with the bed bug venom which causes an allergic reaction within your skin.

Bed Bug Bites – Education Video

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There are a number of other products on the market that will relieve the itch of bed bug bites such as anti itch creams, but you must also be aware that secondary bacterial infections from the constant scratching.  Anything with at least 1% hydrocortisone will aid in relieving the itch.  All Stop offers a treatment pack for Bed Bug Bites that will relieve the itch and the All Stop Healing Gel will also reduce any secondary bacterial infection from the constant scratching.

Not everyone reacts to Bed Bug Bites the same; some people don’t experience any reaction at all.  In fact, you won’t even notice when the bed bugs bite you at night while you are sleeping.  The bed bug will inject a chemical into the bite that stops the blood from clotting; therefore you don’t feel it.  Many people are allergic to the bed bug chemical; this chemical is what causes the itching and the rash.

It’s hard to tell how long the Bed Bug Bites rash will take before it will go away; it really depends on how allergic you are to the bed bugs saliva.  It could take days and even weeks; it just depends on the allergic reaction.  Most of the time, the itching from bed bug bites will stop and then the rash will gradually go away in time.

It’s hard to tell if you have Bed Bug Bites because they look like bumps, a rash or the skin is just reddish.  There isn’t anything distinctive about the Bed Bug Bites because they look like a regular allergic reaction and the Bed Bug Bites are basically allergic reactions.

When a person experiences Bed Bug Bites, a person can experience some of the most intense itching known to humankind. For, while generally no long lasting harm can come from the itchy bed bug bites, a person can feel a great deal of discomfort when bitten. Therefore, it is good to know where bed bugs come from, how to get rid of them and how to prevent a bed bug infestation and the itchy Bed Bug Bites in the future.

Often individuals ask, How do people prevent an infestation of bed bugs and the Bed Bug Bites?  People can use a variety of non-toxic bed bug sprays to control the bed bug infestation.  Generally, these bed bug sprays are sold at some convenience stores, many hardware stores and even some sleep centers which sell mattresses and other bedding.

Regardless, not every person has the same reaction in relation to the itchy bed bug bites. For many people may not feel or notice any bed bug symptoms or Bed Bug Bites at all. Whereas, others, if allergic to the bed bug secretions or what the bed bug injects while biting a person during sleep, can experience some of the most intense itching a person can experience. Although, most allergic reactions are mild and not nearly as dangerous as some other bites can be. Still, it is no fun to have Bed Bug Bites on your body.

Whether or not a person is infected with the itchy bed bug bites, a person needs to know a general description of the Bed Bug Bite and associated bed bug symptoms. The symptoms of Bed Bug Bites can include, but are not limited to, a itchy rash, reddish skin or small red bumps and welts.

Therefore, as individuals experience different  itchy bite symptoms, it is good to confirm that you actually have evidence of bed bugs and not something else.

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Facts About Bed Bug Bite

  • Bed bugs initially can be found about tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses, later spreading to crevices in the bedstead. In heavier infestations, they also may occupy hiding places farther from the bed. They may hide in window and door frames, electrical boxes, floor cracks, baseboards, furniture, and under the tack board of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Bed bugs are transmitted from one place to another because they “hitchhike” on belongings such as clothes, suitcases, second-hand beds, furniture, and bedding.
  • Bed bugs cannot climb smooth surfaces, so the glass dishes will exclude more bed bugs from being able to infest the bed, as long as the bed is away from the walls and covers are kept from touching the floor.
  • Bed Bugs love to live there and are the main way they spread from room to room.
  • Bed bugs can lay between one and five eggs per day with an incubation period of 10 days in warm weather (slightly longer when cool).

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