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Means You can save your Your Mattress and not clutter the street!

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If you have detected that you have bed bugs, one of the first things you should seriously consider is a Bed bug Cover.  You need  a cover that zips shut as a mattress encasement and is proven and tested to be bed bug proof.  Most Bed bug covers are like fitted sheets; therefore these will not work to keep bed bugs off your mattress or, off of you!

These Bed bug Covers, or mattress protectors are different, in that they actually seal your mattress  shut instead of just covering it.  These bed bug covers are specifically designed and Entomologist tested to keep bed bugs in or out of  your mattress.

Adult Bed bugs can live from 6 months to 18 months without a meal; therefore they can live in your mattress for a long time.   The bed bugs that are still alive and trapped in the mattress will eventually die from starvation because they can not get out of the specially designed bed bug cover.

Buy a Bed Bug Cover Now!

You basically have two choices when you are picking a Bed bug Cover.  Your choices are vinyl, or, fabric; they both have their pros and cons.  We recommend using a bedbug cover with Patent Pending special Zipper Lock Technology; these offer hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial components that will help keep your mattress protected.   Vinyl encasements, by their nature, will frequently tear, they are hot to sleep on  and they are usually noisy.

For economical reasons, it’s not advisable that you throw your mattress to the curb even if your mattress has been soiled by bed bug feces, dropping, and secretions!

We recommend that you protect and save your mattresses by treating the mattress first with non toxic bed bug products, steam and with diatomaceous earth.    It is recommended that your mattress is thoroughly vacummed, then steamed to remove bed bug dropping stains.

Once the smattress protectortains are removed, apply diatomaceous earth to the mattress and bag it up in your special bed bug cover.

Once your mattress is properly treated and there are no signs of bed bugs,  then you should slide your mattress in a bed bug cover   Do it yourself products are available to clean and sanitize your mattress; these products also kill bed bugs too!

The approved Bed bug mattress protectors are made of micro-polyester with a nano-urethane lining to allow breathing; these are also 100% water resistant.  These bed bug covers are Entomologist tested against Bed Bugs, dust mites and even body fluids.  Your body secretions can’t penetrate the unique micro-polyester fabric.

Don’t forget about your Box Spring!  Remember that you will also need a zippered Bed bug Cover for your box spring too.  It is common that Bed bugs will also hide in your box spring and continue to re-infest your bed.

Bed Bug Mattress Treatment Protocol:
•    Vacuum your mattress seams and zippers to remove as many bed bugs, nymphs and eggs as possible
•    Steam the mattress with a hand held steam to kill the bed bugs AND to remove the bed bug stains from the mattress
•    Spray your mattress with a non toxic bed bug spray such as DeadBedBug brand of contact killing bed bug  spray.
•    Apply diatomaceous earth all over the mattress to prevent bed bugs from coming back and as a pr ecaution in the event you missed one in a seam or in the mattress itself.

•    Now place the mattress in a NEW, Entomologist tested bed bug mattress encasement; not a mattress cover, a bed bug mattress encasement.  You will want your mattress totally encased and closed up with a zipper.  Using a bed bug mattress encasement specifically made to trap bed bugs in or keep them out is your best bet.

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Facts and Information about Bed Bugs

  1. Bed bugs can multiply quickly so early detection is critical to help prevent an even larger infestation.
  2. Bed bugs have increased dramatically as a public health pest throughout the country.
  3. Bed bugs can be controlled by using a suite of the available techniques, including prevention, monitoring, proper use of pesticides, and other  integrated pest management techniques .
  4. Bed bugs, also spelled “bedbugs” in Europe, are elusive, nocturnal, and transient.
  5. Bed bugs are insects and by definition, have six legs.

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