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Bed Bug Hiding Places

Don’t forget to check for bed bugs and treat Moldings, Electrical Outlets, Switch Plate Covers, and Behind Paneling & Wall Paper.  There are numerous bed bug hiding places.

Most people think that bed bugs only stay around your bed and in your mattress.  Although those are the primary bed bug hiding places, you will also need to check for bedbugs in the other places I just mentioned.  If you miss those bed bug hiding places,  you will never get  control of your bedbug infestation.  Remember bedbugs multiply quickly, especially when they are in their what we call bed bug hiding places. Therefore it is critical that you check for bed bugs hiding places very thoroughly.

Bed Bug Hiding Places Video

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Target the main Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bedbugs are pretty predictable as they are “nesting” parasites. They normally live in areas immediately adjacent to the bed and never more than about 10 feet away.  They usually stay close to the bed and mostly close the host.  The host, meaning YOU.

Bed bugs love crowded rooms; clearing your bedroom of the clutter is the first thing you should do if you have a bedbug infestation.  Bed bugs love clutter!  These bed bug hiding places provides a good breeding ground for them and it keeps them HIDDEN and out of sight.

You should inspect and treat the floor moldings around the room and any bed bug hiding places you can find that is dark areas.  Bedbugs love to crawl under the moldings, living between the carpet and the wood and also in the corners of dark closets. They will also get into electric outlets, under switch plate covers and behind both paneling and wall paper.  Don’t worry, they don’t want to live too far from their blood source…  YOU!

One thing that most people to remember, is that if you live in an apartment, you are subject to your neighbors bed bugs too!  The most common bed bug hiding places are in the walls.  Bedbugs crawl under the baseboards and wall sockets and move between apartment to apartment.

If you live in an apartment, killing bedbugs in your apartment is only half the battle.  Chances are, you will get bedbugs AGAIN, if your neighbors, who share adjacent walls, don’t treat for bedbugs too.  Excellent bed bug hiding places is within the studs of the walls.

Remember that “heat” can be your friend when dealing with bed bugs. Steam cleaning can go a long way! An all natural bed bug treatment uses steam. Not only does it kill bed bugs in all bed bug hiding places, it also sanitizes your mattress, bedding, carpets, curtains and anything else that needs to be sanitized.

Bed Bug Hiding Places Gone!

We highly suggest using climb up interceptors and diatomaceous earth to protect yourself from bed bugs  if you are living in an apartment.  The interceptors are placed under your bed posts and keep bed bugs from you. The bed bugs also die in the reservior; it is filled with a bed bug killer dust.

The diatomaceous earth is applied around the baseboards as a natural bed bug killer.   The bed bugs climb through the walls and cross over the diatomaceous earth.   The diatomaceous earth is deadly to bed bugs; it serves as shards of glass that cut the bed bugs exoskeletons; they dehydrate and die.

Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Facts and Information about Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs produce a musty sweet smell that may be noticeable in heavy infestations.
  • Bed bugs can be found in closets attached to clothing.
  • Bed bugs like to live in groups, in cracks and other dark, tight places.
  • Bed bugs don’t care how neat and tidy your house is, nor do they care if you’re the best housekeeper on the block.
  • Bed bugs inhabit carpets and couches, dressers and closets, and even places you’d never think to look, like picture frames and switch plate covers.

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