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Bed Bug Solution

In August 2010 the EPA posted an Integrated Pest Management Solution “IPM” for killing Bed Bugs. has followed this very same Bed Bug Solution for years and we are dedicated to educating you with the approved Bed Bug Solution .

Bed Bug Solution Video

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A Bed Bug Solution is most effective when an IPM approach is implemented with diligent participation by the residents. In multi-family housing, diligent participation is also required of the building management because you can’t only treat one apartment.  An effective Bed Bug Solution requires the adjoining apartments to also be treated for bed bugs because bed bugs travel from apartment to apartment through the wall sockets and between the walls.

DeadBedBug Bed Bug Solution takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options, including the judicious use of pesticides. Although bed bugs may sometimes be controlled by non-chemical means alone, this approach is often very difficult, potentially less effective, and usually more resource intensive. If you chose a non toxic  Bed Bug Solution you are still required to also follow the steps listed below.

A comprehensive DeadBedBug Bed Bug Solution program to control bed bugs may include a number of methods such as:

  • using monitoring devices,
  • removing clutter where bed bugs can hide,
  • applying heat treatment with a hand held steamer or steam cleaner,
  • vacuuming thoroughly,
  • sealing cracks and crevices to remove hiding places,
  • using non-chemical pesticides (such as diatomaceous earth & EPA exempt bed bug sprays) and,
  • judicious use of effective chemical pesticides.
  • discarding OR thoroughly cleaning and encasing your mattress with a special bed bug mattress protector

We know you must be sick of dealing with Bed Bugs and you must be looking for a good bed bug solution. It’s so frustrating when you are doing everything you can to get rid of the little bugs, but nothing is working! You just have to stick around and have the best bed bug solution so you’ll not get affected with those pests. We just want to offer some help and give you some tips on bed bug solution we found.

If you have a bed frame with legs, you can wrap the legs with double sided tape.

This would prevent the bed bugs from crawling into your bed. It can also give you some relief while the Bed Bug Solution is working; this also offers a bed bug solution after you have treated for bedbugs to assure you don’t have bed bugs anymore!

Another Bed Bug Solution is the use are climb up interceptors.  These interceptors are placed under your bed posts and contains “deadly to bed bugs DUST”.  The bed bugs can not climb out of the climb up interceptors, therefore they die in the dust.  You get two benefits out of using the interceptors, 1. You can confirm that there ARE or ARE NOT any bed bugs in your bedroom. 2. The interceptors keep the bed bugs away from you. It’s your choice if this bed bug solution would be compatible for you.

Another very important Bed Bug Solution is the use of Entomologist Tested and Approved Bed Bug Mattress Protector.   Once your mattress has been vacuumed, cleaned from any bed bugs stains and diatomaceous earth has been sprinkled on the mattress, bag it up in a Mattress protector.  These mattress protectors are not just a mattress cover, they actually zip your mattress tight and contain it. Again, this bed bug solution could be the best for you so try it now.
Since bed bugs can spread throughout a home, apartment complex or other living quarters at rapid rates, then a good bed bug solution is needed.. They will move anywhere they find a good food supply and their population will grow over time but won’t leave unless their host leaves. It is imperative that you fully treat all rooms with products that really work to be considered a good bed bug solution.

The bed bug solution is in your hands!

We want to help you get rid of these bed bugs and get back to life – Bed Bug Free. Dead Bed Bugs follows the EPA Integrated Pest Management protocol for killing bed bugs.

Order now! – Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Facts about Bed Bugs

  • This keeps any residing bed bugs from escaping and reinfecting the bed. You need to keep it on for at least a year since they can live up to 16 months without feeding.
  • This  includes not only bed bugs, but also dust mites, smoke, pet dander,  mould spores and other allergens.
  • Creepy lullabyes aside, bed bugs simply disappeared from the American landscape.
  • In a light infestation, bed bugs will be found in the tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses and covers, later spreading to crevices in the bed frame and box springs.
  • Everyone is at risk for bed bugs bites when visiting an infested area.

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