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Bed Bug Spray

Non-Toxic or Pesticide?   You Decide…

There are two types of Bed Bug Sprays on the market today.  You can choose the non toxic natural Bed Bug Spray or the pesticide Bed Bug Spray.  Both Bed Bug Sprays are effective. The article will help you understand how they work and what they can do for you.

In  2010 the EPA created an Integrated Pest Management regimen for treating bed bugs in the United States. This is the same regimen that DeadBedBugs has been following  for years prior to this announcement.  We hope the information in the video and on this webpage will be beneficial to your success in finding the right Bed Bug Spray to serve your needs.

Bed Bug Spray Video

[youtube GKNXUx_9XxY]

Pesticide Bed Bug Spray – There are typically two types of toxic bed bug sprays; a water base form and an oil base form.  The water base bed bug spray  usually includes  a poison called deltamethrin which is a residual product and lasts several weeks or months.

All available testing of deltamethrin – based bed bug sprays show it to be about 50% less effective than the oil base contact killing spray which generally include some type of pyrethrin and piperonylbutoxide base  toxic chemical.  However, they are do have residual effectiveness for up to six weeks.   Many states do not allow deltamethrins in concentrated forms because of environmental concerns.

Many pyrethrin based Bed Bug sprays like Kills Bed Bugs Red label, have a short active duration and becomes ineffective within a day of use.

Both of these toxic-based bed bug sprays contain some form of pesticide; however the bed bugs have grown an immunity to many pesticides. This means they no longer work effectively on bed bugs! Some Exterminators are making a fortune from continuing to spray for bed bugs as though they are spraying for roaches and the traditional methods don’t work any longer.  That is why the bed bug infestation problem is getting worse.

Some exterminators offer both a natural and a toxic way to treat bed bugs; therefore ask before you just invite him in your home.  Typically, you must leave the home for ventilating purposes and can not sleep in your bed for one to two nights after the bedroom has been sprayed with many toxic pesticidal formulas.

Recommendation – One Permethrin based formulation bed bug spray stands out with superior contact killing power plus a 60 day residual effectiveness against bed bugs.  This product is commercial strength and is recommended for indoor as well as outdoor use.   This product is EPA registered and approved for bed bugs.  Does require ventilating treated  room before re use.

Can be used as a fine aerial mist to kill, control, and repel all kinds of flying insects including flys and mosquitos.  In addition to controlling bed bugs, this product is great for treating your pet with fleas and its sleeping area.  Follow directions on product label.

Natural Bed Bug Spray– The EPA regulates what can go into an approved Minimal Risk Bed Bug Spray.  Ingredients listed on their Minimal Risk list inert and active ingredient listing are the only ingredients that can be included in the formula.  Strict label guidelines are also imposed.

When tested, the Dead Bed Bug Spray proved to be 100% effective in killing bed bugs and other crawling insects within 15 seconds.  The good news is your children and pets can sleep in their beds the same night enjoying a clean peppermint  scent with absolutely no worries of toxic side effects.  No need to leave your home and disturb your family life.

” This stuff works great.  I killed bed bugs and 2″ flying cockroaches in seconds with a single spray.  They go down and stay down.  Its smell great and no petro fumes to worry about, so I don’t need a mask!”  Dwayne D., Louisiana

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Facts and Information about Bed Bugs

  • Because they’re so tiny, bed bugs can hide themselves in places you’d never think of looking.
  • It can kill only as many bed bugs as the applicator can find. The advantage of using this type of freezing device is that bed bugs may be killed quickly and without the use of more hazardous pesticides.
  • There are other types of bed bugs including the bat bug, the chimney swift bug, and the swallow bug.
  • There are other types of bed bugs including the bat bug, the chimney swift bug and the swallow bug.
  • Much more information on bed bugs is available from pest control contractors, county agents and university websites (such as this page from the University of Kentucky: , external link).

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