Check for Bed Bugs

Proper Inspection is critical to your success!

Check for Bed bugs

The sleeping area is usually the center of a bed bug infestation.    All dark, restricted cracks and crevices are potential harborage.

You should check your drapes, behind picture frames hanging on the wall, in chest of drawers, in and on furniture, remove clutter in the room or closets and don’t forget to check your bedframe and your mattresses. Hence check for bed bugs infestation in your home.

You are looking for bedbug feces that look like black coffee grounds or molted body parts of the bed bug.  If the infestation is large enough, your room will have a musky smell. Hence, check for bed bugs disgusting smell.

Black or brown spots of dried excrement indicate their presence. It’s critical that you check for bed bugs everywhere!  Other places to check are,

  • Inspect camping sleeping equipment, secondhand beds and mattresses,  suitcases, outlets, picture frames, clothing. Look under carpet tack strips and loose wallpaper.
  • Inspect vacant apartments, summer camps, outdoor animal sheds, and coops even though not recently occupied. Look everywhere that is restricted, dark and near bedding.

Video on how to Check For Bed Bugs

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Check for Bed bugs infestation

We’re here to offer you step by step information on how to check for bed bugs and also the best bed bug treatment any wheres. Our bed bug spray and products follow the same EPA Integrated Pest Management Practices the EPA requires.

Once you check for bedbugs, if you have determined you have bedbugs, immediately begin following the EPA Integrated Pest Management system by using the products on the dead bedbugs dot com website.


Instructions on How To "Check for Bed Bugs":

  1. Be aware. If you are staying somewhere outside of your home, never put anything on the bed without check for bed bugs in the mattress first. It's common for people to walk into a hotel room and throw their luggage, coats, clothing or themselves on the bed right away. Stop and first Check for Bed Bugs in the seams, tags, edges, pillows and linens on the bed to make sure you won't be sleeping with any unexpected pests.
  2. Bed bugs like to hide in small crevices.
Bed bugs like to hide in small crevices; therefore it is critical that you Check for Bed Bugs carefully.

Know what to look out for in a bed bug situation. Watch out for actual crawling bed bugs or dead remains, dark brown/reddish fecal stains, blood stains, feces or cast skins of the bugs. Scrutinize your furniture, clothing, linens, curtains and especially your bed frames and mattresses when you check for bed bugs. Bed bugs are oval shaped and very flat so they love to fit in tiny crevices, seams and nooks--so check everything.

  • Bed bugs can survive months without feeding so check everything regularly. Reduce clutter and trash in your home to reduce hiding places for these pesky little bugs, they can hide in the smallest places. Keep your sheets tucked in and off the floor and also furniture away from walls to prevent them from crawling onto your bed.
  • Clean, clean and clean. Vacuum and scrub everything to dislodge any hidden bed bugs or eggs. Seal any cracks or holes in flooring and walls (especially around wires and pipes) to prevent the bugs from traveling inside or from neighboring apartments.
  • If you do find that you have bed bugs, don't panic. It might be annoying, but bed bugs are treatable and furniture is cleanable. Hire a professional pest-control person to have your home cleaned properly and effectively. There are home remedies and pesticides but a professional has a more capable means of cleaning your home and preventing future bed bug problems.
  • Take prevention measures when you check for bed bugs . Bed bugs are usually brought into the home by surprise, you! When returning to your home after traveling it's important for you to check your clothes, luggage, boxes and other items transferred during a move or from traveling. Wash your clothes before you put them back in your closet, put boxes in the basement to unload and vacuum and scrub luggage outside of the bedroom before putting it away. Always keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Facts and Information about Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are the epitome of the old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal extremely insidious creatures that hunt for blood.
  • Bed bugs will usually not be seen during the daylight hours unless the infestation is severe.
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal, feeding at night, often biting people who are asleep. Where infestations are severe one may detect an offensive odor that comes from an oily liquid the bugs emit.
  • Bed bugs can be enticed to bite during the day if light is subdued and they are hungry.

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