Different Bed Bug Cleaning Techniques

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Different Cleaning Techniques

For Bed Bugs

What does Bed Bugs, Hard Wood Floors & Carpet have in common?

Tile and linoleum floors will not pose a problem, but wood floors can. The seams, cracks and gaps, larger than a credit card, in the floor present a wonderful hiding location for bed bugs and they will readily take up residence if such an opportunity presents itself.  Who would think that bed bugs can live in hard wood floors?

Be sure to vacuum any seams in hardwood floors thoroughly and treat these areas if you suspect bed bugs are active there. You can purchase a local treatment or you can get it from us. We offer a highly effective bed bug spray specifically formulated to combat bed bugs if you decide to buy our products.

Bed Bug Treatment

Operation Bed Bugs!

If your floor is carpeted, eggs will readily be laid in the nap of the carpet down where fibers attach to the backing. This placement makes it impossible to vacuum them out so your best bet is to treat the carpet much like you would if you were treating for fleas. We offer a natural pesticide treatment called diatomaceous earth. Just sprinkle it over the carpet, rub it in and let it begin working for you immediately.  Diatomaceous earth works great as a natural bed bug killing pesticide and the best thing is that there is no shelf live for it and its completely save for your children and pets.

Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Information and Facts about Bed Bugs

  • In the absence of a host, bed bugs can continue to survive for many months without a blood meal.
  • When applied directly onto bed bugs, the frozen CO 2  will kill them.
  • The lethal temperature for bed bugs is as low as 113°F. However, infested surfaces must be exposed to this temperature for up to an hour to effectively kill all bed bugs.
  • Vacuum all the areas where bed bugs would reside routinely and thoroughly.
  • Even of you do not see any bed bugs on the items, female bed bugs drop eggs randomly as they roam.

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