Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

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Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs can be an easy chore or you can make it hard; being educated on how to get rid of bed bugs is the first step. If you act fast, you should not end up with a terrible infestation.

It’s important to learn when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs, that if you live in an apartment, you will probably need to get your neighbors involved because bed bugs easily travel through the walls and electrical sockets. Any units on the top, at the bottom and on either side of you will need to be treated too to be successful when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs are small insects that feed on warm blooded animals like people. They attracted to warth and your breath.

You can usually tell when they are present because they leave behind feces, exoskeleton body parts and secretions that are usually yellow and brownish black in color.

When Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs we suggest that you use a flashlight to help you see into the dark crevices in and around your bed. Take you bed apart to insure a thorough inspection. Despite their name, bed bugs are not only confined to the bed. Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs ,Carefully inspect all carpeting and furniture around the bed.

This includes all couches, tables, chairs, etc. Look for the larvae as well as adult bugs. You may not be able to see eggs because they are so small.

Video About Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Prevention

It’s not hard to prevent bed bugs if you are observant and careful. Avoiding bedbugs in hotels, cruise ships, motels, and apartments is more challenging because occupants and their belongings are constantly changing. This affords many opportunities for the bedbugs to be introduced to your home when you bring your luggage home with you from a trip. This is the first step when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs.

Prevent bed bugs by inspecting your mattress and head board while you first arrive at the motel or hotel and before you get in bed for bedbug evidence. It’s not hard to determine if bed bugs are around. You will see bed bug droppings usually in the mattress creases, seams and on the head board area. An established bedbug infestation will look similar to black mold-like material in the seams of mattresses and behind head boards. When Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs, the mattress will need to be cleaned and sanitized; no need to throw it away. We will show you how.

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to be wary of acquiring secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture. At a minimum, such items should be examined closely for a bed bug infestation before being brought into the home. If you follow this rule, you will never have to worry about Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Another way to prevent bed bugs is when you are traveling, always keep your luggage in a large garbage bag and keep any clothes you remove from the luggage in sealed bags. Then once you arrive home, remove and shake all your clothes outside before bringing them into the house OR throw everything that was in your luggage (clothes only) into a clothes dryer. Remember, heat is your friend and it will kill bed bugs before they can roam around your home and multiply. If you do this, you will never have to worry about Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Another way to prevent bed bugs is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your base boards and in your carpet and around your bed. diatomaceous earth does not have a shelf life, there it keeps on working and killing long as it stays dry.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Treatment

There are a variety of different types of bed bug treatments available on the market when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs. People have the misconception that the only way you can get rid of bed bugs or insects is to use strong poisonous insecticides. The only bedbug treatments that really work are the natural non toxic solutions because the bed bugs haven’t gotten immune to the chemicals… why? for different reasons. Let me explain further.

Bed Bug Spray – There are two kinds of bed bug sprays.  There are the natural non toxic bed bug sprays and the residual killing sprays.

The use of Natural bed bug sprays when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs are typically EPA 25b exempt. That means, all the ingredients are in the bottle are exactly the ingredients listed on the epa approved minimum risk document.  The way it kills the bed bug is by dehydrating the exoskeletons.

Diatomaceous Earth – This is also a natural product used when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs. The bed bugs literally walk through the diatomaceous earth dust and the dust serves as tiny shards of glass that cuts their exoskeletons. Once the waxy exoskeletons are cut, the bed bug begins its dehydration process and dies.

Steaming Steam Cleaning is a natural process when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs.  The steam just simply kills the bed bugs dead!

But this process is two fold. It kills the bed bugs dead and also sanitizes the area you are cleaning such as carpets, bedding, covers, furniture,drapes, drawers, stuff toys, clothing, towels, linen, coats, hats,  etc.

By using the little pad on the steamer, you can literally rub off all the bed bug feces and droppings and restore your mattress, bedding and furniture back to its original state when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs.  Once the mattresses have been cleaned and sanitized, simply put a mattress protector on the clean mattress and never worry about bed bugs destroying your mattress again!

Disinfectants are also used when disinfecting the room.

Recommended products When Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

We recommend using all natural non toxic bed bug products when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs because they have proven to work in 12 seconds in bed bug lab studies. DeadBedBug Bed Bug Spray is an all natural product that is very effective. The DeadBedBug bed bug products are safe, easy to use and they also prevent bed bugs from coming back when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs. Follow this link to learn more about our commercial strength natural bed bug killers. We also offer commercial sizes (drums and 5 gallon bed bug spray containers) for hotels, apartment complexs and exterminators.

When To See Your Doctor

does not require any medical treatment. Try not to pick at or scratch any bed bug bite, however. As with any insect bite, breaking the skin may cause an infection to occur.
We offer a Bed Bug Bite pack which will reduce the itching, eliminate secondary bacterial infections due to scratching and will restore your skin quickly to its original state.

Rules when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Reduce clutter to make inspection easier when Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs.

    • Since infested garments and bed linen can’t be treated with insecticide they will need to be laundered in hot water (120°F minimum). If washing is not available, sometimes heating the garments or bed linen for several minutes in a clothes dryer may work.
    • Vacuum in area of bed bug harborages with an vacuum attachment. Vacuum along baseboards, nearby furniture, bed stands, rails, headboards, footboards,bed seams, tufts, buttons, edges of the bedding as well as the edges of the carpets(particularly along the tack strips) are key areas to vacuum. A good vacuum cleaning job may remove particles from cracks and crevices to encourage greater insecticide penetration.
    • Discard vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag when finished.
    • Caulk cracks and crevices in the building exterior and also repair or screen openings to exclude birds, bats, and rodents that can serve as alternate hosts for bed bugs.
    • Personal items (stuffed animals, soft toys, blankets) should be removed, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and bagged in plastic for for a couple of days with diatomaceous earth if infestation is severe.
    • If you dismantle the bed frames, you may expose additional bedbug hiding sites.
    • Remove drawers from desks and dressers and turn furniture over, if possible, to inspect and clean all hiding spots.
    • Stand up the box spring and shine a flashlight through the gauze fabric to expose bed bugs.If the fabric is torn ( possible hiding place), remove fabric to prepare for spraying.
    • Caulk and seal all holes where pipes and wires penetrate walls and floor, and fill cracks around baseboards and moldings to further reduce harborages.

Thoroughly clean the infested rooms .Scrub infested surfaces with a stiff brush to dislodge eggs.

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Information and Facts about Bed Bugs

  • Getting bed bugs is no one’s fault ? Deciding whether to exclude the employee from the workplace is your decision.
  • Second,  bed bugs are not a product of filth , and will inhabit even the cleanest of homes.
  • Fourth,  bed bugs are small , really, really small.
  • Stowaway bed bugs in luggage and clothing made their way to cities and towns where they had been eradicated decades ago.
  • Although bed bugs have never been shown to transmit diseases, people living in bed bug infested homes may experience psychological stress, anxiety and insomnia.