How to Kill Bed Bugs

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Actually Get In Your Mattress or Clothing

how bed bugsBed bugs don’t necessarily mean that you keep a dirty house; learning How Bed Bugs actually get into your home is half the battle.

Bed Bugs are nasty, nesting parasites that are quite comfortable in the nest of birds, other animals and on you!  Spilled juice or unwashed sheets are not How Bed Bugs wind up in your home.

These nasty bed bug blood suckers like to hitch rides home with you in your luggage and loose clothing. The bed bugs small, flat bodies make it easy for them to hide; therefore learning How Bed Bugs travel with you can really help when preventing bed bugs.  The Bed bugs can be predictable though, and they do leave signs of How Bed Bugs actually got to their destination.

how bed bugs

You may suspect that the hotel, motel or house that you are visiting has a bed bug infestation, there are a few ways to tell How Bed Bugs are getting around and if they are actually in your room. Try checking for bed bugs around the stitching of the mattress.

Video on How to Kill Bed Bugs

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How bed Bugs live?

Bedbugs love to hang out here. They can also hide behind a picture frame that is hanging over the bed, or the bedbugs pay be  hiding in the crevices of any nearby furniture. Bed bugs like to live by where people sleep, because incidentally, that is where and How Bed Bugs feed.

Another sign that the residence or inn has an infestation of bed bugs is the presence of tiny blackish colored spots of blood on the mattress or bed clothing. This is called fecal matter and is left behind bed bugs after they have bitten a host. Because it is blood based it will usually be dark brown to black in color. That’s how bed bugs live and are distinguished.

Once you have been exposed to bedbugs, it can be terrifying to return home. No one wants to end a trip by bringing home these unwanted fellow bed bug travelers. Bed bugs spend the night breeding and biting and present a huge obstacle in sleeping peacefully. Before entering your home there are several things that you should do; but the first thing is to learn How Bed Bugs can be prevented.

How Bed Bugs can be Prevented?

Below are several suggestions on How Bed Bugs can be prevented.  Lock your luggage in the car and leave it in the summer sun. With the windows rolled up,  the temperatures in the car will rise rapidly and the heat will kill the bed bugs. This is generally sufficient heat to kill off the bed bug passengers that you have brought home; remember to just  leave your luggage in the car for several hours.

If it is not a warm sunny day on which you are returning and you do not believe that the car will be suhow bed bugsfficiently heated,  try laundering your clothes and drying in a high heat dryer until the clothes are almost painfully hot to the touch.

Shake the clothes very well before bringing them in the home.  In other words, unpack your luggage outside.  Other non-washable items can be thrown directly in the dryer to heat the clothes hot enough to kill the bed bugs.

Another way of avoiding bed bugs when you travel is to use luggage liners.  There are luggage liners available in different sizes such as carry on luggage sizes and larger luggage.

how bed bugsMake sure that you learn How Bed Bugs enter your clothes and luggage to be aware of the signs of bed bugs.  Vacuum out the interiors of all baggage. Spend special care attempting to hose out pockets and compartments in which bed bugs may be hiding in the luggage. When you are finished, change your vacuum bag or empty the canister before bringing it back inside.

Throw the old vacuum bag or contents immediately into an outside trash bin. Unemptied canisters or bags can cause a bed bug infestation just as easily as if you had taken no precautions at all.

Having a bed bug infestation is not a testament to poor house keeping skills, but prudent cleaning can help prevent an infestation if you have been exposed. These happy campers hitch rides home with unsuspecting people. That’s How Bed Bugs get in. Taking special measures after any stay over traveling will prevent this real life nightmare from coming into your home.

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Facts about Bed Bugs

  • However, bed bugs can’t distinguish between a male and a female bed bug, so there are times when a male will try to mate with another male.
  • However, bed bugs can become resistant to certain chemicals if they are exposed to them.
  • In fact, bed bugs need to set their front claws in a particular position so that they can insert their mouthparts into the skin just so, in order to be in the proper feeding position.
  • Hair on the human head would make this very difficult.
  • Answer:  Bed bugs tend to aggregate together when they are resting.

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