How to Kill Bed Bugs
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Bed Bug ArticlesLearning How To Kill Bed Bugs in an apartment or learning How To Kill Bed Bugs in a single dwelling residence is different and educating yourself on the difference will prove to be quite beneficial to your success in killing bed bugs.

If you are living in an apartment complex, chances are your neighbors on top, at the bottom and on both sides of you also have a bed bug infestation.  It’s important to understand that while you do everything possible to kill bed bugs in your apartment, they will eventually come back if your neighbors don’t treat also.  This becomes a community chore to successfully kill bed bugs in an apartment complex.

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Have control over How to Kill Bed Bugs!

If you are living in a residential single dwelling home, then you have control over How To Kill Bed Bugs and keep them away for good.  It is not necessary to call an exterminator and quite frankly the exterminator will not declutter your home, take your bed apart, go through your drawers and furniture; they simply just spray around your baseboards and they do nothing to the other bed bugs in your mattress or in other areas of your room; making their treatment ineffective.

Another note to consider is that bed bugs have grown immune to the toxic chemicals and the spraying is all for nothing. Most exterminators don’t know How To Kill Bed Bugs because they are not like roaches!  We feel the best bed bug killing method is to use a natural non toxic bed bug spray AND a bed bug spray with residual killing power for up to 60 days.  It just keeps killing for 2 months after you apply the solution.

When dealing with bed bugs, you will need to take steps to prevent bed bugs from coming back and you will also need to learn How To Kill Bed Bugs quickly.  We intend on helping you to accomplish both steps successfully.  Because bed bugs multiply so quickly, people often get overwhelmed with How To Kill Bed Bugs and think its impossible to handle on their own.  It’s really not hard to learn How To Kill Bed Bugs and keep them out of your home.

Step by step Guide on How To kill Bed Bugs!

I recommend purchasing a Bed bug survival guide which will guide step by step on How To Kill Bed Bugs; however if you choose not to, I will provide you with the steps below; just without all the detail.  For more indepth information, you will need the Bed Bug Survival guide.

Step #1 – Apply a Bed bug spray along your baseboards, on your bed frame, your mattress, your curtains, furniture, drawers and any place bed bugs may be hiding in your room.  This step is a quick pass to kill the bed bugs currently lurking in the room.

Step #2 – Learning How To Kill Bed Bugs begins with  vaccuming your living space VERY WELL, including furniture, carpets, draperies, drawers, mattress, behind pictures on the walls, etc.  This is literally the first step which allows you to begin with a good foundation to get the room sanitized from the bed bug fecal matter, droppings and exoskeletons and bed bug free.

Step #3 – One of the most important steps in learning How To Kill Bed Bugs is to throw all bedding such as pillows, comforters, covers and sheets in the dry on high for about a half hour.  Remember that heat is your friend when killing bed bugs.  Use your dryer for all cloth items to kill bed bugs.

Step #4 – Another helpful step when learning How To Kill Bed Bugs is the use of steam to kill bed bugs AND also to clean and sanitize the room.  With a hand help steamer, steam your draperies, your mattress and your cloth furniture.  Steaming will allow you to Kill Bed Bugs that are hiding in the seams and the crevices AND it will help to remove the stains from the bed bug fecal matter and secretions.  An added benefit is that the steam will also provide a more sanitized and clean environment in the room.

Step #5 – How To Kill Bed Bugs in your mattress is easy but a very critical step.  There are several easy steps you should perform.
1.    Vacuum the mattress
2.   Steam the mattress with a hand held steam to kill the bed bugs AND to remove the bed bug stains from the mattress
3.    Spray your mattress with a non toxic bed bug spray such as DeadBedBug brand of bed bug spray.It is best to use a non toxic bed bug spray on your mattress; this allows you to sleep on the mattress the very same night with no worries of toxicity.  A residual bed bugs spray with residual killing power for up to 60 days can be used on anything else that does not come in contact with your skin.
4.    Apply diatomaceous earth all over the mattress to prevent bed bugs from coming back and as a precaution in the event you missed one in a seam or in the mattress itself.
5.    Now place the mattress in a NEW mattress encasement; not a mattress cover.  You will want your mattress totally encased and closed up with a zipper.  Using a bed bug mattress encasement specifically made for bed bugs is your best bet.

Step #6 – Apply diatomaceous earth along your baseboards, in your wall sockets, rubbing it in your carpets and in your drawers will kill bed bugs if they return.

Step #7 – At this point your room should be clean and free of bed bugs.  I recommend making one final pass with your bed bug spray all over your room.

Bed Bugs and Lysol – Any Connection?

If you are asking the question ” Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs “, the your answer is no.  Why would lyson kill bed bugs?  There is nothing in lysol to kill bed bugs!

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Information and Facts about Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs can crawl onto or off of a person (or their belongings) at any time.
  • Bed bugs are a nuisance but their bites do not spread disease.
  • Bed bugs are usually active at night and feed on human blood. The bite does not hurt at first but it may become swollen and itch, much like a mosquito bites.
  • As bed bugs spread, more people are worried about them and want to know what causes bed bugs.
  • If bed bugs are found or suspected on mattresses and box springs, both can be sealed using encasements.