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Kill Bed Bugs

We know you must be sick of dealing with Bed Bugs. It’s so frustrating when you are doing everything you can to kill bed bugs, but nothing is working! We just want to offer some help and give you some tips we found.

If you have a bed frame with legs, you can wrap the legs with double sided tape. This would prevent them from crawling into your bed if the pest’s hiding place is the stand or baseboard close to your bed. This can give you some relief while bed bug treatments are working.

Bed bugs are Mobile

Bed bugs can spread throughout a home, apartment complex or other living quarters at rapid rates. They can easily go through gaps in the sheet rock of common walls, bottom plate of the wall, under doorways or through the crawl space of the attic. They will move to anywhere they find a good food supply and their population will grow over time but won’t leave unless their host or food source (you!) leaves. It is imperative that you fully treat all rooms and especially around your nesting area.

Informational Video on how to Kill Bed Bugs

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Kill Bed Bugs effectively in an Apartment – Please watch

There are several methods to kill bed bugs.  You can kill bed bugs the natural way by using a natural bed bug spray or by using toxic harsh chemicals that exterminators use.  We all know that bed bugs have grown an immunity to the toxic chemicals and that method doesn’t work any more.  That’s why many exterminators by our bed bug spray by the drum!

Kill Bed Bugs now and prevent them from coming back

Another natural way to kill bed bugs is by using diatomaceous earth.  DE is short for diatomaceous earth.  Just sprinkle the DE dust on your floors, around your baseboard, in your electrical sockets, cracks and  crevices or any place bed bugs might hide.  DE does not have a shelf life; therefore it will continue to kill bed bugs forever!

Another natural way to get rid of bed bugs is by using steam.  Remember that heat is your friend.  Get yourself a hand held steamer and steam them dead!  Not only does the steamer kill  bed bugs, it also sanitizes anything you steam such as your carpets, bedding, drapes, furniture, etc.

Kill em or trap em?

There are other devices such as bed bug interceptors that you put under your bed posts.  These devices effectively trap  crawling insects and do not allow them to actually get onto your sleeping area; therefore they improve your chances of not being bitten and slow down the breeding cycle.

Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Informational Facts about Bed Bugs

  • The bed bugs are so smart that they can detect a pesticide and stay away from it for up to a year or more.
  • Any bed bugs remaining on the mattress and box spring will be trapped inside the cover.
  • Once bed bugs are established, they rapidly reproduce and spread from room to room.
  • When bed bugs are suspected, sleeping and resting places should be thoroughly inspected. Check all possible hiding places, mindful that bed bugs, especially the young nymphs and eggs, can fit into very tiny cracks and crevices.
  • Once bed bugs and their hideouts are discovered, a pesticide-free solution is to vacuum and dispose of the bag in a tightly sealed garbage bag or trash container.

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