Managing Bed Bugs

Managing Bed Bugs

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The Power of Steam Cleaning – Managing bed bugs

Managing Bed Bugs can be quite easy if you know the basics.  Steam clean the mattress seams, tuffs, and any bed bug affected areas to kill bed bugs on your mattress to get control while managing bed bugs. Use a steam cleaner with a low vapor steamer at least 220 degrees fahrenheit to kill bed bugs, enclose the mattress in a bed bug proof mattress cover to ensure you are properly managing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat and is heat is considered  a natural way to managing bed bugs in all stages of their development. The thermal death point for the common bedbug is only 111 to 113 degrees fahrenheit; even lower temperatures of 97 to 99 degrees fahrenheit will get rid of bed bugs in a large volume. Raising the temperature for an hour or so should eliminate most infestations.

Managing Bed Bugs – Educational Series Video

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The EPA announced an Integrated Pest Management system for killing bedbugs.  Dead Bedbugs dot com have been endorsing these practices for years and we continue to educate our clients, just like you.  We’ve addressed most of what they recommend in our video.  We’ve provided you with detail information on  EPA Integrated Pest Management Protocol.

Other measures for managing bed bugs include: Stand bed legs on glue boards, mineral oil in bowl or in soapy water; coat the legs of the bed with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or double-sided carpet tape.

Bed bugs have difficulty climbing smooth surfaces, so the bed legs can be placed in glass jars ..  Climbup Insect interceptors, pictured to the left,  can be used to monitor bed bug activity while you sleep.  Do not let bed covers touch the floor or the bed touch the walls. These preventative measures eliminates “bridges” for bed bugs to get to you while you sleep and is part of an integrated pest management solution.   These measure help but will not get rid of disgusting bed bugs completely. It is not likely they will disappear from your home on their own accord.   Some sort of natural bed bug treatment will need to be implemented.

Diatomaceous earth is listed on the EPA’s Integrated Pest Management Protocol as being a product that is approved and safe to kill bed bugs.  Diatomaceous earth keeps on killing bed bugs long after it has been applied.  It works great for your mattresses, in your dresser drawers, in your carpets and around your baseboards.

Our testing has proved that using a natural bed bug treatment for managing bed bugs is far more effective than using harsh chemicals that are commonly used by exterminators. Our Dead Bed Bug Spray is proven 100% effective to kill bed bugs in 15 seconds, hands down! Let us show you how.

Bed Bug Killer Solution

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Information and Facts about  Bed Bugs

  • Once bed bugs are found, there are several methods that may be used to combat them, some old and some new (Table 1), although combining many methods usually yields the best result.
  • Since bed bugs feed on blood, their presence has little to do with the cleanliness of the home, although clutter can provide hiding spaces for bed bugs and make them difficult to treat. Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding, so they may be present in vacant, clean homes when new tenants unpack.
  • Since bed bugs are only about the width of a credit card, they can squeeze into really small hiding spots.
  • Adult bed bugs can survive for six to seven months without a blood meal and have been known to live in abandoned houses for one year.
  • Since bed bugs feed only on blood, they aren’t attracted to these pest control baits.

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