Mattress Box Spring Cleaning

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Mattress Box Spring Cleaning

One of the most important things to do is to do the standard Mattress Box Spring Cleaning. You should inspect and clean your mattress box spring thoroughly. Look for the bed bugs and the light-brown, molted skins of the nymphs. Dark spots of dried bed bug excrement along mattress seams are usually present and a definite tell tale sign of a bed bug infestation. The importance of Mattress Box Spring Cleaning is critical.

Inspect your mattress for any rips or tears –bed bugs easily hide in those areas. You won’t find much bedbugs on the top mattress, however if the bed bugs have nested on the mattress they will usually be in the seams and you will see evidence of their excrement and nesting. Mattress Box Spring Cleaning in the creaves allows you to find evidence of bed bugs is extremely important.  Bed bugs prefer calling the mattress box spring their home as it is more open yet still close to their food source – you!  Spraying and cleaning the mattress box spring is equally important.

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Turn the mattress box spring over when inspecting for bed bugs. Then pull back the gauze fabric to gain access for inspection and possible treatment of the mattress box spring. The frame of the mattress box spring is a common hiding place and presents the most likely place you will find them.

While you have the bed taken apart, it is important that you give it a good vacuum treatment of all cracks and seams in the bed itself before you treat and put it back together. The eggs are usually well hidden and even a strong vacuum is not likely to dislodge all of them from their grip. Afterwards, dispose of the vacuum contents in a sealed trash bag.

Clean your Mattress Box Spring!

Cleaning your mattress box spring may help you, but is not likely to get rid of these disgusting bugs completely. It is not likely they will disappear from your home on their own accord. Some sort of treatment will need to be implemented.

mattress protectorWe highly suggest disinfecting your mattress with a hospital grade disinfectant before putting a mattress protector over your mattress box spring.  This leave the mattress sanitized and clean from any bed bug droppings.

Check out our bed bug articles, bed bug blogs, bed bug FAQ’s and our Bed Bug products on the links mentioned below. We feel an informed customer is the best customer to have.  These links should provide you with everything you need to know for mattress box spring cleaning


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  • In addition, bed bugs and their eggs may remain in the brushes and attachments of vacuum cleaners, where they can be transported to other rooms or units.
  • Introduction Bed bugs are notorious for their association with humans and have been recognized as important pests for hundreds of years.
  • Yes, indeed, bed bugs do hide in the seams and crevices of your mattress.
  • We eradicate bed bugs by treating your entire home with our green, non-toxic and hypoallergenic bed bugs treatment products, bed bugs sprays.

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