Power Steam Cleaning

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Power Steam Cleaning

as a Bed Bug Treatment

Unlike vacuuming, dusting, or wiping something down, Power Steam Cleaning is used to kill bed bugs and is very effective as a bed bug treatment or to kill bed bug eggs that come into contact with it.
Extreme heat of Power Steam Cleaning will kill bedbugs quickly because hot steam over 120 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to kills bed bugs. Most hand held  steam cleaners that are Power Steam Cleaning devices on the market today will exceed this temperature. You can either purchase a commercial steam cleaner or a small hand held steam cleaner to use as a natural bed bug killer; both types of steam cleaners will work fine. A commercial steam cleaner would cover a larger area and allow for longer steam treatment because of the water capacity; however they are very costly.

You will want to make sure you are careful to steam clean all the areas bed bugs could be hiding, even inaccessible ones like under the box spring. Not only will Power Steam Cleaning kill the bed bugs mattress, it will also sanitize the bed bug mattress that has been soiled from the bed bug feces. Passing the steam clean pad on the mattress area will sanitize the mattress, remove the spots made from the feces easier and will restore your mattress in its original condition.

Video on How to Kill Bed Bugs and Parasites

Power Steam Cleaning is In Demand!

Many pest control companies also use Power Steam Cleaning in addition to the toxic pesticides; however this is an additional charge.  Steam cleaning is the perfect solution when you are needing to clean tough stains such as bed bug feces.  They are generally easy to use, portable to be used in small spots and can be used on delicate sheers too.  This process is usually safe because it does not use any chemicals.  Steam can generally clean almost anything,

I hope that this steam cleaning information to kill bedbugs has helped you in making a decision on how you will treat for your bed bug infestation. We hope that the additional bed bug information and tips to kill bedbugs provided on the links below will also give you more assistance in your decision. Visit our FAQ’s, bed bug blog, our articles and our bed bug survival guide.

All of our bed bugs treatment products are safe for children and pets so that you can treat your home safely while ensuring your family’s health. You can even sleep in your bed the same day you treat the mattress and linens.

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Facts and Information about Bed Bug

  • Adult bed bugs measure only an eighth of an inch in length, and are reddish-brown in color, with oval-shaped and flattened bodies.
  • A few bed bugs can become a large infestation quickly.
  • While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, they can cause stress, discomfort, and sores.
  • Adult bed bugs are about 3/16” or just under 5mm in length and are oval and flat. When fed, the bed bug can swell in thickness so that it appears to be three dimensional.
  • Human bed bugs are found worldwide and are dispersed through human travel.

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