Getting rid of bed bugs is a very difficult task. . They are just about as resilient as a cockroach (as if you did not have enough gross bugs to consider). I'm going to suggest that you hire a professional pest elimination agent that knows how to eliminate these household pests if you have an plague already, but there additionally are some things you can, and SHOULD do, to make sure they don't follow you home.
bed bugs travel. Don't let them follow you home.

Forestall a bug bed plague in your home by steering clear of bringing them home with you. bed bugs are hitch walkers. They travel with you on bags, washing, clothing, and even your hair. Bringing home just one pregnant bed bug will just about assure a breakout. This implies that folks who travel, either for business or pleasure, are at major risk of coming up against a bed bug and dragging it home.

So let’s talk about traveling. When you first arrive at your hotel, set your cases outside of the room, or on a table, rack or shelf engineered to hold your bags. Do not set your bag on the floor, the bed, or a couch or chair till you are certain the room looks clear.

Check behind the headboard, flip back the sheets, pick up the mattress cover and look in the seams of the mattress. You are checking, not only for the bugs themselves but for other signs like bug excrement (poop), rust colored stains or blood stains found as little specks. If the sheets on a hotel room bed do not look spotless white, you should ask for a different room anyway. If you find signals of bed bugs, request a different room.

After you establish a room appears clean, open your suitcase and take away the BugZipTM suitcase protective cover, or some other cover made for this reason, that you bought ahead of time, and put your case inside it and zip it closed. You should avoid emptying your clothes into the hotel drawers, but if you've got to, then be prepared with BugZipTM drawer liners as well so your clothing is protected. When it's time to modify your clothes. Unzip, get what you want, and zip up again. Don’t put your dirty garments on the floor either. When you leave the hotel room it is suggested that you leave the luggage protectors behind.

Put all of your laundry in disolvable washing bags, so when you get home you can open your case right into the washer. Whether you wore it while away or not, wash with warm water and put in the dryer. If it is dry clean only , then leave in the sealed bags and take directly to the dry cleaners as soon as you are able to.

If you live in a colder part of the year this might give you an incentive to celebrate winter. bed bugs die when frozen, so if it is winter, leave all your travel gear outside for a few days. If it is summer and warm, bed bugs also die in the heat, so leave your auto windows up, and in the sun, with all of your travel baggage for a few days.

Do not forget your shoes. These pests don’t seem to like rubbing alcohol, so put some in a spray bottle, and spray the seams of your shoes, and anything more that won't be hurt by the alcohol.

Taking these easy steps can make sure that all you bring back from your trip are a suntan and some great memories.


Facts About This Topic

  • A trained bed bug dog is the most accurate ‘technology’ (95-98% effective) for detecting a low level bed bug infestation, versus humans who are only able to find the bugs 40% of the time.
  • Finding an reputable exterinator to kill bed bugs will cost a lot of money. Instead learn what you need to do and do it yourself.
  • Bed bug eggs are elongate, about 1/32 inch long (large enough to be easily seen), white in color, and have a distinct cap at one end.
  • Confused that Sievers was the one with pustules, her mother then called La Porte Hospital for advice.
  • It’s a rock solid fact thatbed bug bitesare steadily increasing.
  • The most serious effects of bed bug bites occur in people with a heightened sensitivity to the insects.
  • What people usually do when bed bug symptoms arise is use a regular insecticide when spraying their rooms, bedding and cabinets.
  • Three bumps in a row or grouped together indicate a single bed beg has inflicted several bites.
  • Instead, it may take as long as a week for the initial symptoms to appear and trigger concern on the part of bite victims.

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