Hiring A Bed Bug Dog Can Be A Good Idea

Bed bugs have become epidemic in the past few years do to the increasing ease of world wide travel. . They are difficult to spot with the human eye but a bed bug dog can locate the pest with their sharp sense of smell. Hiring a certified dog and their handler will save a business money and time when finding out if they have an infestation or not.

Part of the difficulty with recognizing an infestation of these insects is they are no larger than a sesame seed. They are off white or yellowish in color which makes it more difficult to notice them on bedding and in the carpet. Humans spotting any type of bed bugs infestation are usually only thirty percent accurate. However, trained dogs are normally ninety-seven percent accurate at recognizing live infestations.

The reason for canines having a higher accuracy rate is due to their highly developed sense of smell. They are able scent the insects in bedding, carpets, and furniture without lifting or removing anything. Humans have to spot them visually and remove or take apart fixtures, furniture, and even floor boards to inspect a room.

Before a dog and their handler can provide their services for hire, they must first complete a specialized training. A required eight hundred to one thousand hours are required at a facility where rooms are set up to resemble a motel, hotel, school, or business. They are furnished and the insects are hidden. The dogs are trained to recognize the specific scent of the parasites and how to let their human team member know when they have found the pests.

After training there is a certification process that must be completed. The standards have been established by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, NESDCA. The handler and the dog must pass the certification process as a team; one cannot be legally certified without the other.

Testing is conducted in real life locations, not mock sites. Office buildings, schools, hotels, warehouses, and motels will have the parasites hidden on the premises. There will also be scent detractors placed in different rooms to test the accuracy of the team. The entire building must be searched within twenty minutes and in order to pass the animal must point out or paw at the location of the bugs to their handler.

After training and certification a bed bug dog can locate the pest for less money then a regular exterminator. If you think you may have an infestation locate a NESDCA certified team. Ask for references from the company and be sure to check them.

Facts and Details

  • In standard situations, bed bug bites should be handled like bites from any other insects or mosquito.
  • Once you know the signs of bed bug bites, you want to learn how to properly care for your bites.
  • Bed bug bites are not generally very easily diagnosed and at occasions can be mistaken for other skin circumstances or bites from other insects.
  • The individuals must recognize and treatbed bug bites symptomsin order to prevent future complications.
  • Verification and Communication of Abatement of Bed Bug Infestation Owner 6.
  • Initially, most bed bug bites are painless, but later they turn into large, itchy skin welts that do not have a red spot in the center like flea bites.
  • There are other reasons why they are spreading across the continent, where they were previously eliminated.
  • And what is more, the bed bug bites symptoms can vary a lot from person to person, depending on the individual allergic reaction.
  • Use a dry scrub brush to remove bed bug eggs that may be present.
  • By Andrew on September 11, 2012We had a bed bug infestation that was very unpleasant we had a professional come out and he did the three treatments and they were still coming out of nowhere my wife was getting bit on and off and then my daughter also I never was bit by anything so I did a lot of research and found that this was one of the best products to use.
  • Bed bug bites itch because you’re allergic to the substance the bed bug injects into the bite to delay blood clotting.
  • These can be obtained from the Pest Management company that undertakes the treatment.
  • But apart from the techniques used by the two libraries, Bed Bug Control 911 shared that the use of bed bug spray could also kill the pests.