The Bed Bug Dog As An Exterminator

The bed bug has infested so many places around the country, and it is getting worse. . Places that never had a problem before are now experiencing an infestation that is overwhelming. Regular detection methods have failed, but the bed bug dog is having success where others have failed.

Man has a best friend that is proving once again that they a very closes tie to us. The work they do for us continues to have value. They are true and loyal friends. What they offer give us is lots of love and affection

They are always anxious to serve in any way they can. Now, they are helping us in another area. Canines have a keen sense of smell. We can use a valuable benefit. Their powerful noses have detected drugs and other substances.

The same powerful ability is being used to find bedbug infestations. The human sense of smell is nothing compared to the dog’s sense of smell. They can detect the smell of something even if it is in water.

They can locate these insects if they are live bugs, or if they are in the larvae stage. These insects hide in tight and unusual places, but that is not a problem for these dogs. They are able to get into the same places and weed them out.

Perhaps, the location is small and unnoticeable they can find them. Their training prepares them to go in and get these insects. They use their noses to sniff them out and alert their handlers.

The success rate of this type of activity is greater than their human counterpart. Humans must rely on their visibility to detect any infestation, but dogs have the added ability to use both their eyes and their noses.

The type of extermination is something new, and it is very popular. The dogs are being used in many places that are experiencing problems. Using this method of control is having a greater impact and a better success rate.

How the dogs are trained plays a big part in the success of the program. The handler begins by introducing the dog to the scent of the bug. They put a few of them in a container and allow the dog to sniff it out.

They bring the dog into the room again and watch to see if they can locate the insects. The process is repeated until the animal is successful more often than not. They work at the dogs pace. This way they can be sure that the animal is thoroughly trained.

Reinforced encouragement is so important. Every time the dog finds the insects giving them a treat and praising them makes them want to please their handler more. They love to please and gladly try to succeed each time.
bed bug dogs are changing the way the bed bug infestation problem is handled. Any place these insects appear there is a better way to deal with the situation. What used to be a hopeless condition is now a thing of the past.

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Need More Facts?

  • What kills bed bugs efficiently is to find and exterminate them in their hiding place. therefore you need to have to make a detail inspection of your house.
  • The dorms receive periodic applications of reduced risk pesticides to help prevent a bed bug infestation.
  • More than 95 percent of 519 U.S. exterminators participating in the survey reported finding at least one bed bug infestation in the past year.
  • Normally red in color, with centralized inflammation and swelling.
  • Some people do not have a reaction to bed bug bites and may be unaware that bed bugs are in their home until they actually see them.
  • For this reason, these industries should train staff to recognize signs of a bed bug infestation and have policies and procedures in place to respond to an infestation.
  • The one’s you can’t see are generally a baby, or nymph, or possibly bed bug eggs.