Bed Bug Bites will most likely appear on skin that remains exposed while one sleeps – the arms and legs, face and neck are all commonly bitten Bed Bug Bites sites – and it is to these areas one should turn when looking for signs of the bed bug creatures.

The initial signs of Bed Bug Bites are swelling and itching. These Bed Bug Bites should be checked thoroughly to find out whether they came from a bed bug or some other parasite.

As you mostly likely know the bed bug is a creature that is active during the nightime hours and loves to feed on our blood. They also love to hide which is why it prefers beds and furniture. Even though bugs, it will normally look for the proper places to hide like the crevices and cracks of a mattress or in your bedding or other dark damp places.

Bed Bug Bites: Ouch!

This overwelming need for shelter does make the bed bug more difficult to find; however you still have the Bed Bug Bites as evidence that they are indeed around. If you know in what places to look and are sure of the infestation of bed bugs then it is about using logic to determine the best areas where they may be bed bugs are hiding.

The bed bugs are most often brought into your dwelling from people who have been vacationing and have slept on many different mattresses or beds. It usually has absolutely nothing to do with poor hygiene because many hotels and inns have also been the harborer of the bed bugs. The one reason is because the bugs are used to hiding and reproducing very quickly.

The initial step is to remove or treat your matress that has bed bugs and any other furniture that may hold the beds. It is dramatic to throw out a perfectly good mattress, however you dont have to if you treat the mattress to rid get of the bed bugs and the eggs.  We suggest you use an effective over the counter bed bug spray which has proven to be highly successful in getting rid of bed bugs and Bed Bug Bites.

Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites!

Furthermore, all clothes, covers and linings that have been in contact with bed bugs – or are suspected of having been – should be thoroughly washed; if possible this should be done on the hottest setting possible in order to kill the bugs.

To learn more about bed bug bites, you are welcome to visit our knowledge base.

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So, get rid of those bed bug bites!