What are bed bugs?

bed bugsBed Bugs are small pest – the adult is less than a quarter of an inch in size – that live on the blood of animals and, most disconcertingly humans.

Although not able to fly the bed bugs does retain the ability to spread very fast and is prone to rapid spreading as a result.

The bed bugs concern is a common one, as these miniature insects are understood to have come from their place of origin in the Asian continent to the rest of the globe.

It is hardly unusual to have an infestation of bed bugs, but what is essential is that we understand where they live, how to spot them and what to do about them.

Bed Bugs eggs

The female bed bugs will produce eggs every day; as she can exist for considerable lengths of time – over a year – this results in a quick explosion of the bed bug population.

The bed bugs are alive at night – when we are asleep – and the primary clue to the infestation of bed bugs is the presence of pimples on the skin in the morning.

The bed bugs will feast during the night, and when it feeds on human blood it leaves behind marks of its existence.

A bed bugs feeds by piercing the skin and feeding in a tube with which it sucks out the required blood, and hence the victim will rarely know they are being bitten as they are usually asleep.

After feeding – which may cover as long as ten minutes – the bed bug leaves behind a red mark which might swell and will hurt continually, bringing irritation and discomfort to the sufferer.

Informational Facts About bed bugs

  • Step One – confirm that you do have bed bugs .
  • He had mentioned that the house had bed bugs, but they had seemed to stay on the first floor.
  • Not only are they undetectable, but bed bugs also tend to stay close together and have a distinctively sweet, yet unpleasant smell.
  • They do this because they know that bed bugs can crawl through the ventilation systems and the walls and infiltrate someone else’s apartment.
  • Do regular inspections of all areas bed bugs like to hide.
  • Once considered a pest of the past,  bed bugs  now make regular headlines as they infest homes, hotels, and dormitories worldwide.
  • Also, early instar nymphs, or “baby” bed bugs, are nearly impossible to see.
  • Brooke Borel is writing a book about bed bugs for the University of Chicago Press.
  • Because treating all the areas where bed bugs hide is difficult, we recommend hiring an experienced pest control professional.
  • When traveling, look for evidence of bed bugs before unpacking.

Indicators of bed bugs

The problem with diagnosis is that the indications of bed bugs are very similar to many other skin conditions.

Scabies displays very similar signs to bed bugs infestation, and other insect bites such as mosquito can also result in a similar tell tale red welt.

Bed bug bites will usually be found on skin that we leave exposed while we sleep – the arms and legs, face and neck are all often bitten – and it is to these areas we should turn when looking for signals of the creatures.

The bed bugs are a night feeding creature and it likes to dine on our blood; it also likes to hide and this is why it frequents our beds and furnishings.

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Need More Facts?

  • Bed bug bites are usually self-limiting, and require little attention other than antiseptic creams or lotions to prevent infection at the bite site.
  • Before deciding to use pesticides to treat a bed bug infestation, consider the following: • Pesticide application IS normally required to effectively eradicate a bed bug infestation.
  • Mymanager only bought a gallon of bed bug spray.
  • This will be determined through your description of the following areas (Maximum of 3 points each): (1) the extent of local bed bug infestation that you seek to address; (2) the results your project seeks to achieve in addressing the bed bug situation; (3) the affected community that you work directly with, or provide services to and how the affected community is disproportionately impacted by environmental harms and risks; (4) extent to which you plan to reach your target audience; and (5) how the affected community will benefit from your project’s intended local environmental and public health results.
  • The telephone interviews of Health and Epidemics Prevention Stations revealed that Shenzhen city had much higher bed bug infestation frequency than other cities (Table 2).
  • When treating an area for bed bugs, there are a few guidelines one should follow to ensure any and all bed bugs are completely eradicated in a safe manner.


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