Bed Bug Facts

What is Bed Bug?

Cimicidae (or sometimes bed bug) are small parasitic insects. The most common type is Cimex lectularius. The term usually refers to species that prefer to feed on human blood. All the insects of this family to live exclusively on administration of the blood of warm-blooded animals.
A number of health effects may occur because of bugs, including rash, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. The diagnosis has two bugs to find and the presence of symptoms compatible. Treatment is symptomatic.

Bed Bug infestation

In the developed world, the bed bug have been largely eradicated as a pest in the 1940s, but increased in prevalence from about 1995. Because the infestation of human settlements has been increasing, bug bites and related conditions have increased as well.The exact causes of this revival are not clear, it is variously attributed to travel to more foreigners, more frequent exchanges second-hand furniture for homes, a greater emphasis on the control of other pests due to the negligence of action against bed bugs, and the growing resistance to pesticides. Bed bugs have been known as parasites of man for thousands of years.

The “bed bugs” name comes from the primary habitat for a house of insects, in particular, beds or other areas where people sleep. Bed bugs, but not entirely nocturnal, active mainly at night and be able to feed their guests unnoticed. They are, however, has been known by various names, such as wall louse, mahogany flat, Crimson Rambler, Heavy Dragoon, chinchillas and the redcoat.

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Bed Bugs are an infestation that are independent of cleanliness.

  1. When checking into a hotel, it is a good idea to immediately inspect rooms for bed bugs.
  2. Inspecting the home at night with only a red light will assist in locating the bed bugs.
  3. To ensure industry professionals have the best possible guidance on controlling bed bugs effectively, responsibly and safely, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has created Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs (BMPs), guidelines developed by industry professionals, regulators, academics, and entomologists.
  4. While there is no chemical quick fix, there are effective strategies to control bed bugs involving both non-chemical and chemical methods.
  5. A well trained dog will detect only live insects and eggs, and will ignore dead bed bugs, bed bug debris, and other structure-infesting insects.
  6. Bats and birds may be hosts of blood-feeding bugs that look nearly identical to bed bugs.