Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Kill Bed Bugs

bed bugsJust about anyone would rather confront bed bugs in the pages of a book of nursery rhymes, rather than in the comfortable environment that is home. Having to suffer through and bed bugs infestation can mean spending paying large sums of money and having to get rid of treasured items. Having blood sucking bed bugs invade your living space can truly change your perception of where you live. Learning how to kill bed bugs before they are allowed to settle in can save you a lot of cash, stress and heartache.

When you return home from a trip suspecting that you may have been exposed to bed bugs, drop all your belongings before you go through your front door. The bed bugs that slept with you on vacation might well be nesting in your suitcase or crawling through your clothes. Bringing bed bugs into your house and allowing bed bugs to get settled in can ultimately mean having to enlist the assistance of a professional.

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Bed bugs usually feed on the blood of humans during the night-time hours and crawl away to hide in nearby cracks, crevices and recesses of furniture (especially mattresses) and walls of the home during the day. Bed bugs are commonly found in large buildings such as apartments, dorms, prisons, hospitals and hotels; however, infestations can also occur in private residences. Bed bugs are sometimes thought to occur only in poor and unsanitary conditions.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that actually can be seen by the naked eye. Bed bugs are result and are prone to hiding in places where bed bugs cannot be easily spotted. The will however, die when exposed to sufficiently high temperatures. This means that you can prevent them from getting into your home without spending so much as a dime. These bed bugs can be heavy on the pocket, or treating the problem can be done for free. The free methods however, generally only work when used as a preventative measure against bed bugs infestation. Once their in, save yourself a headache and call for help.

Luggage, clothing and other items can be left in a closed car to swelter. This means having the car parked directly in the sun with all of the windows up. The temperature on the inside will rapidly rise due to the greenhouse effect. Leaving these items in the car for several or more hours should help eliminate any of the nasty little, unwanted travelers.

Bed Bugs Everywhere

Giving washable items a pass through the laundry can be helpful as well, but only if done properly. Excess soap, water or bleach will not by any means kill bed bugs. Only heat. Washing your clothes with hot water is fine, but not effective. Drying your clothes thoroughly and to the point where they are painfully hot to the touch will mean that any of the bed bugs that are present are dead.

Anything that can’t be washed or left to swelter in the car should be thoroughly vacuumed. This needs to be complete outside of the house. When done vacuuming remember to either empty the vacuum canister or change the vacuum bag. Leaving this undone opens another avenue for bed bugs entry. Through your vacuum bag into an outside trash.

It can be embarrassing to have a bed bugs infestation, not to mention a huge stress once they have made themselves at home. Remember this when using heat to kill off any that might have traveled home with you. If the dryer seems as though it has run long enough, let it set for fifteen or so more minutes. Leave the luggage and clothes in the hot car for as long as possible. The more precaution early on, the fewer the headaches later.

Humans have had to cope with bed bugs since their beginnings. It is not uncommon to have been exposed to bed bugs. By learning how to kill bed bugs before they enter your home, is the only way to avoid a full-blown infestation.