Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

There are sometimes hidden irritants to being a warm blooded person. While you might wake up from an eight hour sleep with sores do not be quick to dismiss the evidence. Something happened while you were sleeping and your bed might be an unwilling participant. Bed bugs could be the culprit and it would be worth your time to investigate. These parasites are growing in rapid numbers and everyone needs to take a stand.

Cimex lectularius is another term for the unfavorable house guests. These parasites are extremely small and can be undetectable to the human eye. They are generally no more that 1/4 of an inch in length at full grown state. It takes about 15 minutes for them to complete a total feeding frenzy off of human blood. Once their feeding is complete they swell up to three times their original size and can then take on the appearance of a totally different species altogether.

Infestation of Bed Bugsbed bugs

The parasite lays between five to ten new parasites in the mattress everyday and will lay over 200 eggs in its life time. There is a ten day waiting period for the eggs to hatch and will take a little more time in colder seasons. Once the new babies are born their enormous appetite depends on your nighttime sleep routine to feed five times. The nutrients of the blood allows them to shed old outmoded skins and become productive reproducing parasites.

Female bugs within this family of bugs are as determined to create a forum of stability as any other mother. She will ensure that the shelter and food supply for her offspring is in abundance. Her offspring will need access to a steady flow of food and your body and bed could be the perfect solution. She will lay over 200 eggs in her life span and her offspring will do the same.

Feeding is initiated by first injecting a salivary substance onto the area they mean to penetrate. The substance ensures a place of re-entry because it won’t allow for the area to scab. If the area goes untreated an infection from the bacteria underneath the nails might create an infection and swelling. These parasites do not have a behavioral pattern of spreading pathogens.

These house guests are not just seeking the warmth of the human specimens that are residing in your household. They also want to attach themselves to your family pets. Mice, dogs, cats and even bats are suitable feeding grounds. There are other types of parasites like chimney swift who specifically seek out the animals of the sky. The bugs are naturally brown in color and shaped flat until they feed; then they become swollen oval shape and dark red in color.

Finding that you have an issue with a blood sucking parasite can be disturbing and is grounds to get your physician’s involvement. The sores acquired from the biting needs to assessed and a plan to get them to heal is crucial to your health. Tightening up on your hygiene ritual will help to discourage the infections that can occur from scratching. The parasites are good at hiding in places like clothing, drawers and the crevices of your home. Hiring a professional to exterminate for you will only be successful if you know where they are hiding.

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Bed bugs are attracted to warm blooded specimens and the damage they create can be unnerving. There a number of options to consider when thinking about how to exterminate them out of your life and they only require you to be persistent. Warm blooded people are good for a memorable experience and should not be on anyone’s menu.

Best Bed Bugs Treatment

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Non-Toxic Solution to Bed Bugs

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The next morning I saw what looked like to be bug bites I didn’t see any Bed Bugs

So you can forget about keeping the lights on to ward off the bugs, because bed bugs do not care about anything except satisfying their cravings. If you are not really patient and knowledgeable enough about getting rid of bed bugs on your own, it would be better to hire  professional exterminators  so that you can save time, effort, and money. Both are similar in concept, using CO2, heat and a chemical lure to attract bed bugs, but there are also some significant differences. Wrapping double-sided carpet tape or duct tape around bed legs also can trap bed bugs attempting to enter beds. One study shows that over-the-counter foggers are ineffective at controlling bed bugs (Jones and Bryant 2012).

There are many ways to kill bed bugs that will not involve toxins or chemicals. You can kill bed bugs mattress may have or steam bed bugs easy and fast when you know the right methods and techniques.