Facts to Keep in Mind About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be quite annoying. The last thing a person wants to do is lay down for a nights rest with creepy crawlers amongst them! In order to rid this problem it is first necessary to understand what they are, the signs to look for, prevention and a solution.

These bugs are a reddish brown color and can be seen without any magnifying enhancements. They are small insects and that are flat in form. The blood of humans ignites great energy within them resulting in the increase of movement. It’s easier for these bugs to do more damage when their victim is asleep. They can inhabit small areas where there is space for them to fit in such as creases, nooks and crannies.

It isn’t complicated to find out whether or not you have this issue. A clear cut sign would be severe itching at night. A lot of times when a person has been bitten by this bug a trail of reddish spots are often left on skin. These marks on the body can appear red in color and are noticeable. It’s also possible to see blood or fecal matter on your bedding, mattress or linen. Constant movement such as one rolling over throughout the course of the night can cause the crushing of one of these insects. A mature adult bed bug will bleed heavily when squashed because it holds more blood. When a good quantity of anticoagulant is injected into your system it causes the over flow of your blood as well as the shedding of the bugs skin, known as molting can also be found on your linen.

Hampers, luggage, furniture and many other places with creases are the most common areas they live in. A lot of times they can also be found in hotels, motels, dorms and apartments. Checking in the folds of mattresses and couches would also be a great idea. When in search of finding out if you have this issue you should look for bed bug husk, eggs, and mature bugs.

Be certain to wash your linen in hot with lots of soap. By changing your mattress you can decrease the result in be bugs as well as purchasing a sealable cover or even vacuuming your mattress.

If you are bitten you can care for the irritated area by cleaning with clean water and soap. You may also find that calamine lotion can also help with itching and other ointments for insect bites and itching.

You can try a natural approach to getting rid of these insects like vacuuming the area of site, steam cleaning or by placing the mattress outside during the hot months of summer and cold nights of winter to kill the bugs.

Boric acid can be applied to your mattresses and other areas where the bugs may be living but you may not want to do this yourself. Professionals will be able to assist you with chemicals that may not be available for home use such as Vikane.

No one has to put up with the discomfort and annoyance of bed bugs. Look for the signs, keep areas where they are known to habitat clean and decide what kind of remedy works best for you whether it’s natural home remedies or professional.

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