Steps to Control Bed Bugs Effectively

Bed bugs may be just tiny insects. However, the problem they can cause can be very big once they get out of hand. Besides, just the thought of them feeding on your blood as you sleep should disgust you enough. To control bed bugs once they infest your home, it may take days or weeks. As a homeowner, you should also do your part and persevere in having these pests in check.

The first step to take is to find out if there really is an infestation going on. The telltale signs they leave behind may be the first things you see before seeing a bug with your very eyes. Examine your pillow cases, sheets, mattress, etc. For dark fecal spots or blood stains. Also, their bites will show up as tiny red bumps on your skin.

Despite of their name, bed bugs can also live in areas apart from your bed. They can live under the carpet, behind baseboards, in draperies, cabinets and other furnishings. They can even live in cracks on the walls and floors. Also inspect these areas for any signs of their presence, using a flashlight and magnifying glass. If you see a bug, it’s likely the rest are nearby as they tend to live together.

Get in touch with skilled exterminators once it’s obvious you got bed bug infestation. Because they can easily multiply and spread to other houses, it’s best to control bed bugs right away. It may take the skilled exterminators a number of sessions to deal with the problem, depending on the severity of the infestation.

In between visits from professional exterminators, there are certain things that you can do on your part. Start with where they can potentially nest in. Use caulk to fill out cracks on floor or walls. Also, use it on gaps in furnishings that aren’t supposed to be there. Using a spray bottle, spray bleach or alcohol in places where you suspect for these insects to be nesting.

Use hot water in washing your garments, drapes, pillow cases and other items. Intense heat will also suffice to kill both mature bugs and eggs. Afterward, place them in the dryer. Let them stay there from 15 to 20 minutes at the highest setting. Put them in plastic bags or containers that are resealable before storing them. You may also use masking or duct tape to seal the opening of ordinary plastic bags.

As with your carpets and mattress, use the vacuum to pull out any hiding bugs. Then use a hand held steamer to kill any that the vacuum wasn’t able to get rid of. Use thick plastic to wrap the mattress and box spring. Doing so will keep bed bugs inside from escaping, thus they will die in there eventually. It will also keep those insects hiding in other areas of your home from attacking these items.

To steer clear of the need to control bed bugs, avoid taking these insects into your living space in the first place. The hotels you stay in during your trips may be infested with these bugs. Unload the contents of your luggage in the garage. Immediately wash your garments in hot water and place in the dryer, as instructed earlier.

Discover excellent ways to control bed bugs. These pests called bed bugs are irritating and hazardous to your health. Find out how to get rid of them now!