Steps to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Infestation of Bed Bugs

bed bugsAnyone who has an infestation of bed bugs will know that this is something that causes a great deal of irritation. They certainly are not a huge health risk, but no one wants to be sharing a bed with little critters who are feeding on their blood every single night. As such, if you do find yourself in this position then it will be important that you take certain steps to rid yourself of this particular problem. Therefore, here are some thoughts on how to get rid of bed bugs.

You need to make sure that you vacuum everything. Once you have determined that you actually have bedbugs it will be absolutely crucial that you take time to vacuum every last inch of the bed and the area around it. You want to make sure that you vacuum the carpet around the bed and not only the mattress and the bed frame itself. Using a small handheld vacuum cleaner to get right into the smaller areas is a good idea.

When you have vacuumed everything up it is absolutely crucial that everything that has been sucked up is got rid of immediately. If your vacuum has a bag to it then immediately detach the bag, tie it up, and throw it in the trash. If not, then empty the contents of the vacuum straight into a bin liner and carry out the same process. It is very important that no bugs are allowed to simply crawl out of the vacuum and straight back into your lovely bed.

Getting a mattress cover to put over your mattress will also be a very important thing to do. You will have a great choice of covers that you can look into and these are all made from materials such as vinyl will thick fibre which the bugs are unable to get through. You should zip up the entire mattress within one of these covers and then no bugs will be able to get into the mattress, and those that are currently within the mattress will simply be trapped and unable to get to any food source.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

It is also important that everything is washed. Therefore you should take all of your bedding off, take down your curtains, pick up any rugs and clothes that you have nearby and put them straight into the washing machine for a few rounds.

If you cannot fit something inside your washer then it is a good idea to pack it inside a plastic bag and leave it outside in the sun to heat up. Anything inside the bag will begin to heat up and once it gets to a heat of over 113 Fahrenheit this will cause any of the bugs inside to perish.

If you really are having a lot of trouble getting rid of all of these bugs then you might consider the idea of simply getting a professional in to do the job for you. An exterminator will have numerous different tools at their disposal and lots of different products that will help to get rid of the bugs a lot more effectively and efficiently.

All in all, if you follow certain steps you should always be able to get rid of your bedbugs.

Best Treatment for Bed Bugs

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Several devices have been specifically developed for the monitoring and/or detection of Bed Bugs.

There appears to be great variance in the accuracy of bed bug dogs, and even well-trained dogs are subject to missing bed bugs and to giving “false positives” (signaling the presence of bed bugs where there are none). We also carry the full line of Allerzip Allergen mattress and box spring covers, to protect you bedding and get rid of bed bugs. Not only will this help you sleep easier after an infestation, but will aid in the prevention of a re infestation from bed bugs from deep inside your mattress or box spring. Scientifically proven encasements can be used as an early detection tool as well as a reactionary measure for trapping bed bugs and preventing the future re-infestation of beds. The  National Pesticide Information Center  (NPIC) received hundreds of calls last year from all over the country about bed bugs.