What do Bed Bug look like?

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Many people ask the question, “What do Bed Bugs look like?” It’s really important to know what bed bugs look like in order to indentify if you have a bed bug infestation or not. The video below gives a great explanation of what bed bugs look like to help you identify if you have bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are small insects that feed off human blood. The are resilient insects and can be hard to get rid of without the right bed bug killer.

Bed Bug Mattress Informational Video

Bed Bugs Informational Facts:

  • Remember that many insects can cause skin reactions that look similar to those caused by bed bugs.
  • Twenty minutes of exposure to temperatures in excess of 120oF is lethal to all stages of bed bugs, including the eggs.
  • Clothes, bedding materials, and other infested materials can be heated in a dryer to kill bed bugs.
  • Daimer®’s KleenJet® steam cleaners are the ideal machines for ridding these facilities of bed bugs once and for all.
  • It is being called a revolutionary new tool for monitoring even the low level presence of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention

Getting rid of bed bugs is easier than you think by doing it yourself! Don’t forget to protect your mattresses with our bed bug mattress protectors (not included). You don’t have to kick your mattress to the curb any more; just clean it up and protect it from getting damaged any further.

The Non Toxic Bed Bug Spray is an ON CONTACT bed bug killer which is safe enough to be applied to your bedding, pillows, clothing, toys, clothing. Your family can sleep in the room the very same night!

Begin Killing bed bugs today with or Commercial Strength Bed Bug Spray, Safer Diatomaceous earth and disinfectant. Tested and proven to be 98.5% when killing bed bugs. This bed bug pack will thoroughly treat 1 average size bedroom.

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