Bed Bug Hiding Places

bed bug hiding places

The most obvious factor when attempting to keep track of Bed Bug infestations in apartment and condo units is that Bed Bugs happily travel from one unit to another and make this synergy perfect for Bed Bug hiding places. Bed Bugs love any form of heat, CO2, plus pheromones given off by us; which makes us perfect Bed Bug hiding places.

bed bug hiding placesOnce a colony has evolved to a point it finds it no longer has a food source that can keep it growing, break away bugs move on to the next unit using the walls and unsealed bottom plates,attracted by sources of food in the adjacent unit as their next Bed Bug hiding places.

Many families try unworkable home remedies for Bed Bugs or more extreme measures to get rid of Bed Bug hiding places – such as throwing out their Bed Bug-infested mattresses and bedding, and sometimes ripping out carpet and replacing furniture to rid Bed Bugs from their home!

Do you want to get rid of Bed Bug Hiding Places?

While this course of action can often be understandable responses this isn’t an efficient Bed Bugs remedy or cure for Bed Bugs because they will go into the walls, under the baseboards or any other Bed Bug hiding places. If a person manages to slide a credit card into a crack or crevice, a bed bug is likely to find a home and hidden place to breed for Bed Bug hiding places.

Often pest control ideas attack bed bugs in a similar manner to that which they treat roaches, spray towards the baseboards. This is pointless as we know a bed bug’s effective genetic instinct is very much different from that of a roach!

Many sufferers have said they’ve actually been refused service by pest control organization because they don’t have an efficient treatment for Bed Bugs.  While many exterminating companies think they can still treat bed bugs in the same manner they treat roaches or other insects.

It’s a Plus if you know the where are Bed Bug Hiding Places

Do you know where you brought said bed bugs initially? Most likely from a visit at a Guest house or Hotel while on the road and you carried them back in your clothing and luggage. It’s much less likely the bed bugs are a result of a visitor at your address or second hand furnishing. Therefore, it is every important to know the Bed Bug Hiding Places!

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