Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

The Bed Bugs Problem

treatment for bed bugs
Bed bugs are taking over the world and it has become an epidemic. A lot of people wouldn’t think this could happen in their homes but guess again, these bed bugs are everywhere. A lot of people tend to say “why me!” It’s sad to say that bed bugs don’t discriminate. I’ve heard many people ask if having bed bugs makes them a dirty person. I tell our customers all of the time that bed bugs would prefer to inhabit a cleaner home. Bed bugs find a host and stick with that same one. They feed on human blood. “They are like unwanted guest”! I just want to inform you, you are not alone even people that you wouldn’t even imagine have bed bugs. Since I’ve been working here at Qbased Solutions, I learned a lot about bed bugs infestations and bed bugs treatments. I travel all of the time and sleep at quality Hotels and never dreamed of this sort of stuff.  As I look back I wonder if those beds had bed bugs in them.  I am so cautious now when I go to Hotels, I spray the bed with our natural bed bugs killer, Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray, and everything in the room before my family comes in.  I know that some Hotels do not change the sheets because that is what the guest request, to wait until they check out, “not Me,” I always had them change the sheets for many other reasons but i’m glad i did. As my family and I travel i make sure to check the rooms as if I were a detective or an inspector. This may sound funny but it isn’t.  Since I have been working in customer service I have had so many calls with the same conversation, “Help!! I have bed bugs!!!” I feel for these people, some people have even gone as far as throwing away all of their furniture or even moved to another place.

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 Bed Bugs Infestation Video

Losing Things Because of Bed Bugs

I have educated so many of my customers by telling them even though you throw away the furniture, and buy new furniture, the bed bugs will still be there until they treat the whole house. I let them know about bed bugs covers . Throwing out furniture is like throwing away hard earn money and with inflation the way it is nobody has money to throw away…Even if you move to a new location.

Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs ( Cimex lectularius L. ) are parasites that feed on human blood and prefer to live in beds or other household furniture.
  • Bed bugs may feed on small animals kept as pets or upon laboratory animals, and blood loss due to their feeding may weaken such animals.
  • Bed bugs can live for 4 to 12 months without feeding.
  • Bed bugs often find their way into the luggage of travelers and may be transported and spread in this manner.
  • Bed bugs locate their warm-blooded hosts by detecting exhaled carbon dioxide.