Bed Bug Pictures

Bed Bug Pictures are available on this page to provide you information about bed bugs, what bed bugs look like and to provide you with more information on what to look for.

Bed Bugs are very small insects – the mature adult is close to a quarter of inch in size – that live on the blood of animals and, most upsetting, humans. Although not a flying animal they do retain the ability to move at speed, and are prone to rapid expansion as a result.  By looking at the bed bug’s pictures, you can easily see how small they are.

The Bed Bug infestation

is a worldwide one, as these miniscule creatures are understood to have spread from their natural habitat in the Asian continent to the rest of the earth. It is far from unknown to undergo an infestation of Bed Bugs, but what is vital is that we understand where they live, how to find them and what to do about them.

The female Bed Bugs will lay eggs by the day; as she can live for amazing lengths of time – over a year – this brings about a natural explosion of the Bed Bug colony. Recognizing when Bed Bugs are there is imperative, and there are tell-tale markers that one should look for as a starting point.  Taking advantage of these Bed Bug Pictures will help you determine if you have a bed bugs infestation.

First it is important that we know of the Bed Bugs preferred method of living: it is active at night – when we are dozing – and this is our first tell tale pointer to the presence of Bed Bugs. The bug will dine during the night, and as it feeds on our blood it leaves behind symptoms of its presence.

It feeds by biting into the skin and pushing in a tube with which it eats out the required energy supply. The person will be unlikely to know they are being eaten as they are generally asleep, but the reactions that follow should be indicative enough that something is amiss.

After feeding – which can last for ten minutes – the Bed Bug leaves behind a red welt, although symptoms can vary between cases. The red welt – a usual symptom – may swell and is likely to itch all the time, meaning irritation and annoyance to the sufferer.   Bed Bug Pictures of Bed bug bites are also shown on this web page.

The problem with spotting it is that the indications of Bed Bugs are very much alike a number of similar skin infections: Scabies renders very similar signs, and various insect bites such as mosquito can also leave behind a similar swollen mark. For this reason it is frequently the case that Bed Bugs are not spotted or ignored, and this can lead to the insects moving further as they remain free.  Also included on this web page are Bed Bug Bites Pictures and Scabies Bites Pictures.  This will allow you to tell the difference of your bed bug symptoms.

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