BBTBV #37 – Bed Bug Treatment by Structure,0,40,0″>

In this episode Jeff will discuss the differences in bed bug treatments when the infestation is in a stand-alone, single family house vs. an apartment vs. a townhouse or condominium. From a treatment perspective, the manner with which a pest control company treats bed bugs shouldnt differ depending on a structure. For the most part, the way a company treats a bed in an apartment shouldnt differ from the way it is treated in a house. Where these treatments start to differ is when you start to consider surrounding unit concerns. In a stand-alone, single family home, surrounding units arent a concern. In an apartment, the property management will need to be involved in order to gain access to the surrounding units to make sure that the known infestation wasnt caused by one of the surrounding apartments. In condominiums, townhouses and row-homes, this process can become more complex due to the fact that the surrounding homes could be owned by different people and different management companies and they may not be interesting in allowing you to inspect their home. If that is the case, and they do have bed bugs, it may be almost impossible to eliminate the bugs in the known infestation if they are originating from a surrounding unit that the pest control company is unable to address.

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Interesting Facts

  • You should not begin a bed bug spray treatment without first clearing away clutter.
  • So, what kills bed bugs the best, is locating and exterminating them in the hiding place; thus you have to make the detail inspection of the home.
  • Your employees need to know what bed bugs look like and how to identify bed bug evidence so they can recognize a bed bug infestation when they see one.
  • Finding ways to protect their loved ones from a bed bug infestation in the home is something more and more moms are being forced to consider.
  • Bed bug-detecting dogs work by using their specially trained snouts to inspect your home for signs of live bed bugs or live bed bug eggs.
  • Mosquito bites are instantly realized, and symptoms vanish shortly thereafter, whereas, bed bug symptoms typically don’t show up for a few days after exposure.
  • Repeat the steam process at weekly intervals for a few weeks; bed bug eggs take between 6 and 17 days to hatch, so by steaming weekly you should catch them as they hatch.
  • Dead bed bug Spray is effective for eliminating bed bugs .
  • However, if you have a bed bug infestation in your home, bed bug sprays are not a solution to get rid of the bug problem.