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I had a mild infestation exactly a year ago. The exterminator sprayed my apartment twice. I have two cats and the whole ordeal was stressful on all of us because I had to find (and pay) boarding for them. I’ve found a couple of bugs on my bed and I’m getting bitten again. This time, I want to try a non-toxic product I can bed bug treatmentapply on my own without hiring a pricey exterminator and, more importantly, remove my cats for the treatment.

What are the best pet-friendly AND effective bed bug product out there? Can we trust that they are non-toxic and all natural as the producers claim?

Bed Bug Treatment Procedures

Last year, after the first extermination, I did the following:

  • zip up my mattress in a cover for bed bugs
  • zipped up all my pillows
  • caulked up all the holes I could find
  • dusted diamataceous earth on my bed frame, around the bed area, and around the couch in the living room
  • vacuum daily

Best bed bug Treatment

Treat bed bugs privately with our Commercial Strength bed bug Products!. This bed bug Killer pack offers enough product to generously treat one room.  Offers immediate and LONG Term killing power for up to 60 days.  Additionally, you can walk away knowing that when you are done clearing and ridding your room of bed bugs, that it will feel clean and disinfected.

Begin Killing bed bugs today with or Commercial Strength bed bug Spray, Safer Diatomaceous earth and disinfectant.  Tested and proven to be 98.5% when killing bed bugs.  This pack will thoroughly treat 1 average size bedroom. It’s the best bed bug treatment!

If you discard infested items, clearly mark them to prevent others from taking bed bugs home.

According to scientists, naturally occurring populations (infestations) of common bed bugs have been documented to have at least 28 different kinds of human pathogens in their bodies. However, very careful and detailed studies by both entomologists and medical doctors have never shown that those bed bugs could transmit (infect) even one of those pathogens to humans or lab animals. They simply have not been shown to transmit any human disease known so far. There are several species of similar insects which can easily be misidentified as bed bugs. As long as you have blood pumping through your veins to provide them with a meal, bed bugs will happily take up residence in your home.

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Factoids on This Topic

  • Bed bug eggs cannot survive extreme temperatures, so when heat is used in a home or office, the entire life cycle of the bed bug is destroyed.
  • Just don’t think that a bed bug spray alone is going to be enough.
  • To recognize a bed bug or a bed bug infestation, seeBed Bug Life CycleandBed Bug Infestationin the bed bug Picture Gallery.
  • Our canines are trained to sniff out live bed bugs and bed bug eggs and to pinpoint their locations with accuracy.
  • Bed bugs are most active at night, often sheltering during the day on the bed frame, boxspring, mattress or headboard, or within five feet of a bed.
  • When you have spotted the first bed bug symptoms it is time to start looking hard for will lay closer to the 400 range of eggs in her lifetime.
  • By eliminating ideal bed bug hiding places close to their sleeping feed source, you can greatly decrease the growth of any possible bed bug infestation.
  • It is very uncommon to solve a bed bug infestation in one visit.
  • Mosquito bites generally have no pattern, but bed bug bites are more frequently found in clusters of three or more.
  • Experts concur that the most common way of spreading bed bug infestation is the transfer of bed bugs back to your home in your luggage and clothes while traveling.
  • A bed bug infestation can be a legitimately traumatizing experience.


  • Safer Brand ant and crawling insect killer’s organic pest control formula is ideal for killing ants, earwigs, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, fleas, millipedes, and centipedes. It utilizes diatomaceous earth and a bait formula that kills insects by ingestions and/or dehydration within 48 hours. Works indoors and outdoors when kept dry. …

    Bed Bug ClimbUp® Interceptors (pack of 12) passive traps for bed legs

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