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We feel that it is important that you learn about bed bugs so that you know how to kill bed bugs and stop them from ever coming back into your home.   There are different types of Hemipteran bugs which bite and feed off vertebrates. This will explain the type of bed bugs and Bed Bug Treatments best suited for killing bed bugs in your home.

One example is the cosmopolitan bedbug. It is also from the Cimex species. These bed bugs will hide in mattresses, behind the bedboards, under loose wallpaper, and inside couches. During the day, they will hide out. At night, they take their blood meal. Their bed bug bites are painless, but at the site of the bite, redness, itching, and wheals can arise.

The next bug is the cone-nose bug which has two examples that will be mentioned here. They are the assassin and wheel bug. They are named cone-nose because their head is elongated. These bugs will not bite unless attacked or threatened. So, they bite in self-defense. Their bites can be painful. These bugs are found around the world including the United States southwest.

The third bug is the kissing bug. The reason it is called this is because the bites are usually targeted at the mouth area. However, if some other portion of the body is exposed it will bit that area. It feeds off blood, but its bites are not painful.

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When a person is bitten, the reaction will differ from person to person. Some or most people will only develop a wheal that is itchy. Bed Bug Treatment may or may not be required. The wheal can become fluid-filled which is called a vesicle. If the person becomes feverish and has trouble breathing, this is an emergency and 911 should be called. Immediate care in the hospital is needed. Bed Bug Treatments will be further discussed.

Another feature of these bugs is their ability to carry a bacteria and transmit it to the person they bite. This can lead to severe infections. The United States seems to see less of these cases, and it is more predominant in South and Central America and Mexico.

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Now it will be explained why one should learn about a non toxic Bed Bug Treatment. For most people, a bed bug bite will lead to a small reaction. A wheal will form, and the patient will be itchy in that one spot. If this is so bothersome, a trip to the drug store, and buying anti-itch cream will resolve the issue. If there is a small amount of swelling, then an anti-histamine in pill form will work. There are other over the counter bed bug bite treatments such as All Stop Bed Bug Bite Pack.

If the person is having a severe reaction to the bed bug bites such as shortness of breath, swelling in the airways where they cannot breath, fever, and hives the person has to be brought to the emergency room immediately. The person must have an epi-pen shot for future occurrences to reduce the reaction of swelling.

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