Bed Bugs 101 Provides a Free Information Resource on Bed Bugs

Free Information Resource on Bed Bugs

bed bugsLawrenceville, N.J. (Vocus) February 5, 2010

The public now has access to one of the web’s most comprehensive information resources concerning bed bug treatment and prevention. The online resource, Bed Bugs 101™, was created by research entomologists in response to the amount of inaccurate or ineffective information available to the public.

The web resource, which can be found at Bed Bug Central™, was recently updated with the latest bed bug prevention and treatment methods by renowned research entomologists Richard Cooper and Jeff White. The updated content even includes tips on how to create your own do-it-yourself bed bug monitor.

The Purpose of Bed Bugs 101

Richard Cooper acknowledges that the main purpose of Bed Bugs 101 is to provide a trusted source of information so that people can make informed decision when dealing with bed bugs.

“Unfortunately, the internet has become a place that has a great deal of poor information. We created Bed Bugs 101 to serve as a trusted and accurate information resource for the public. Having researched bed bugs extensively and designed entire treatment protocols, we can ensure this happens,” said Cooper.

The Purdue Entomology Department observes that individuals who discover an infestation in their home will often experience emotional stress. This stress can lead to detrimental knee-jerk decisions such as throwing away their clothing and furniture.

According to Richard Cooper, items such as these can often be safely treated and put back in use, preventing unnecessary expense. These actions may even spread the infestation if done improperly, making treatments more complex and expensive.

“When a bed bug is found, people tend to make impulsive decisions that they believe will rid them of the infestation, but in actuality, they may exacerbate the situation. Educating people so that they can stop impulsive decisions is one of the most important reasons we created Bed Bugs 101,” said White.

Recent updates to Bed Bugs 101 include coverage of new tools for earlier detection, bed bug dry ice traps and other bed bug monitoring methods. A new section has also been added for people who need help determining what methods are effective to treat bed bugs.

The basics are also covered such as: identifying bed bugs, inspecting for infestations, preventing infestations, what to do if you find infestations while addressing a wide breadth of other topics.

In addition to Bed Bugs 101, the website Bed Bug Central provides the public with Bed Bug TV, a series of entertaining and educational video blogs on issues concerning bed bugs. The site also includes updates on the latest bed bug news. Finally, Bed Bug Central is a resource that can assist the public in identifying pest management professionals across the country that provide bed bug management services that are similar to the multidisciplinary approach created by Bed Bug Central.

About Bed Bugs Central:

Bed Bug Central serves as the nation’s most authoritative information resource and website available to the public for information concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues prevention, and treatment methods. More information can be obtained at

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