bed bugs on the box spring
Image via Flickr

The most challenging obstacle when trying to control Bed Bug infestations in apartment and condo units is that Bed Bugs easily spread from one unit to another. Bed Bugs sense body heat, CO2, and pheromones emitted by humans. Once a colony has reached a point where it no longer has a food source that can sustain it, break away bugs migrate to the next unit through the walls and unsealed bottom plates, attracted by other sources of food in the adjacent unit.

We have had landlords and managers report that tenants will take infested, discarded mattresses and furniture from dumpsters and alleys back to their units, not even suspecting they are bringing the problem back to their building and spreading the infestation! They are looking for a true bed bug killer.

Clearly the problem is complex; especially if you live in a multi unit building. What has become very clear after over 125,000 treatments is Bed Bug infestations are everyone’s problem, and everyone must be part of the solution in order control this Bed Bug epidemic that is sweeping the country.

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