Bed bugs are parasitic insects that infest the living and sleeping areas and animals and humans. . Several companies manufacture bed bug spray for home use, offer an inexpensive method of bed bug control. As bed bug infestations are on the rise, making good use of bed bug spray can be a fantastic preventative method when exposure is an issue.

Many people believe that bed bugs are only found in unkempt homes that are filled with clutter and are overcrowded. These types of living conditions can make hard to get rid of bed bugs, but these insects will set up camp anywhere that they are able to breed and feed without disruption. This means that even you pristine living environment can play the host to a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs come out to eat at night. The bite humans or animals and live off of the blood of their victims. Their bites can vary in appearance and be either flat or raised, but are usually red with slight swelling. These parasitic insects are great hiders and even though they can be seen with the naked eye, their flat bodies and proclivity to find good hiding spaces making them likely to be unseen. You probably won’t even know that there is an infestation where you are sleeping until you wake up itchy.

Exposure usually happens when people spend nights away from home. Hotels, motels and hostels are common places to encounter bed bugs. The fear in exposure is not entirely about being bitten while sleeping, it is about having these parasitic insects hitch a ride home with you by jumping aboard your luggage or hiding in your laundry.

When you suspect that you have been exposed, but have not yet returned home with you belongings, you can pre-treat your items with bed bug spray to avoid getting you own infestation. Their small and flat bodies make them super at hiding so the use of a spray can help you treat all of the hard to reach and hard to see areas. Doing this before you get home will help keep out unwanted guests.

When you get home leave everything on the exterior of the house. If it is a warm, sunny day you can leave your clothing and other items in the car. With the windows rolled up and the sun beaming directly on the windows, the temperature on the inside of the car should rise high enough to kill any bugs in your clothes within several hours.

Use your vacuum to hose out your luggage. When you have thoroughly vacuumed out your luggage spray the interior making certain to give a healthy dose inside of pockets, compartments and side pouches. These are likely hiding spots. Also make certain to empty your vacuum canister or bag before bringing it back into the house because live bed bugs may escape and cause problems.

By taking these small preventative steps you can spare yourself an infestation at home. An effective bed bugs spray can be found by searching online. This simple method of making certain that you don’t bring someone else’s critters into your home will save you tremendous amounts of future stress and money.

Locate the best choice for bed bug spray by searching online. The right bed bug treatment will have your problem gone quickly. Head online now and find out more.

Facts and Details

  • For most people the bites are not dangerous, but for some they can cause severe itching if the person is allergic to bed bug’s saliva.
  • There are tons of different types of bed bug spray, even natural bed bug spray.
  • Retain the services of a pest management professional certified and registered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to employ all measures necessary to remove bed bug infestation in the unit(s) cited by HPD and all units and public areas where a bed bug infestation is found during the inspection(s).
  • The truth is that bed bug bites are generally not harmful, but the irritation from them can last for longer periods of time than other common insect bites, such as flea bites.
  • One feature we really like on the FireBack Bed Bug Spray is the dual spray applicator button, which is the first that we have seen offering a jet stream and traditional spray based on how you apply the actuator.
  • Check out our post onbed bug bites treatmentfor more information.
  • Before the bed bug symptoms cross their limits and become a scary thing, it is best to get some pest control done.
  • For many people may not feel or notice any bed bug symptoms or Bed Bug Bites at all.
  • In fact, most people had never seen or experienced any type of bug infestations.
  • Bed bug bites are often not noticed as they are mistaken for mosquito bites, flea bites or other kinds of skin conditions because they look quite similar from each other.
  • Even though nothings get into your eyes the furniture should either be steam-cleaned or sprayed with bed bug spray or an insecticide.
  • Mosquito bites are instantly realized, and symptoms vanish shortly thereafter, whereas, bed bug symptoms typically don’t show up for a few days after exposure.
  • How to treat bed bugs depends on the severity of the infestation.