Best Bed Bug Home Remedies

Bed Bug Home Remedies You Can Use

bed bug home remedies
The bed bug is a tiny parasite that gets its name from the insects habit of making its nests in the bedding ground of warm blooded animals. The bugs sole source of food is the fresh blood of mammals and birds.

Looking for bed bug home remedies in getting rid of bed bugs is a major undertaking, but one you have no choice but to pursue should you be so unfortunate as to acquire the pests. An infestation of these creatures will leave you with minute blemishes that can add up to an infected rash or worse. You need bed bug home remedies.

The Best bed bug Home Remedies

There are also proactive bed bug home remedies you can take if you live in an apartment building where other tenants are experiencing bed bug problems.

Among the best bed bug home remedies to kill the invading insects is heat. One of the best weapons is a fabric steamer. Use the steamer, or even an electric kettle, to sanitize the bed frame. In the absence of a hand steamer, a wipe of full strength rubbing alcohol will do as bed bug home remedies.

Other bed bug home remedies: If you are not replacing the mattress and the box spring, they, too, will need to be steamed, or, at the least, covered in a seamless plastic wrap. Mattresses that have become infested with the insect must be disposed of and applied with bed bug home remedies, encased in plastic covers with sealed seams or steam cleaned. Again, small fabric steamers are fine as bed bug home remedies. The mattress is wrapped in plastic and returned to the bed frame after the frame itself has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol or steam or other bed bug home remedies.

Once the bed frame, box spring and mattress have been dealt with and applied with bed bug home remedies, it is time to turn your attention to the bedding. All bottom sheets, top sheets, pillow cases and pillows and whatever bedspreads, blankets, quilts, or duvets you might use need to be sanitized or subject to bed bug home remedies. This can be done rather easily. All it takes is drying the linen and bedding in hot dryer for twenty minutes. These are good bed bug home remedies.

Let us say you have done all the bed bug home remedies and you have done them right. You have steamed your mattress and wrapped it and the box spring in plastic. You have sanitized your linen in a hot dryer for more than the minimum time required. You have cleaned the bed frame with rubbing alcohol or steam or other bed bug home remedies.

For additional bed bug home remedies: Take the feet of the legs of the bed frame and place them in clean tin cans. Using double-sided tape, encircle the cans at the base. Now you are safe.

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  • Used properly, steam will kill 100% of the bed bugs and bed bug eggs contacted.
  • Visit the Dead Bed Bugs – Bed Bug Bites education page athttp://deadbedbugs.
  • Female bed bugs lay eggs in batches of 10-50 eggs, and can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime.
  • Travel Safe Eradicator Bed Bug Spray effectively controls bed bugs and other insects.
  • So look for bed bug symptoms when you wake up in the morning.
  • Bed bug bites symptoms are often located on the face, arms, hands and other exposed areas when you are sleeping.
  • Repeat the steam process at weekly intervals for a few weeks; bed bug eggs take between 6 and 17 days to hatch, so by steaming weekly you should catch them as they hatch.
  • Even if aSeattle pest control servicehelped you eliminate your bed bug infestation, it’s not uncommon to have lingering insomnia and continue to feel stress and anxiety about the experience.