Do you Need a Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed Bug Treatment Tips

Bed bugs are insects that infest the homes of humans and the nests of animals. They are content to live anywhere that they can successfully breed and feed. There is a multitude of ways to get an infestation of these pesky parasites, but making a positive identification 0f the problem can sometimes prove tricky. Knowing what you are dealing with however, is the first step in acquiring a successful bed bugs treatment.

kill bed bugsOvernight stays in new locations offer bed bugs a perfect opportunity to hitchhike a ride into your home. They are prone to crawling into your luggage and clothing. They have small, flat bodies that can make them difficult to spot, and their likely hiding places will be small compartments and pockets that enable them to slip into your life unnoticed.

Another common way to bring bed bugs into your home is through the purchase of used furniture that has come from an already infested house. Though they may not have been visible when you made your purchase they can easily hide within the foam or seams of a used mattress, futon, sofa or other furniture. Once the second-hand item is brought home, the bed bugs can spread throughout the house.

Bed bugs are active at night when they come out to breed and feed. This is why they can be so tricky in locating. They tend to operate in the wee hours of the morning. Waking up with itchy, red bite marks however, is a sure sign that you need to do a little inspecting around your home.

Bed Bug Treatment Guide

Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They are small, round and flat. Adults are reddish brown hue but generally darken during and after feeding. The bed bug nymphs are much lighter in color and will take on the color of the blood that they have consumed after having ingesting it. The best places to look for these insects will always be the household sleeping areas as this is the most convenient spot for bed bugs to feed.

Pull the sheets and other bed clothes away from the mattress. You may not spy bed bugs immediately, but if they are present they typically leave brown to dark brown spots on the surface of the mattress. This is their fecal matter, left behind after each meal.

If neither bed bugs nor fecal matter is present on the surface of the mattress you should still continue searching in order to verify if they are present or not. They hid in the rolled stitch on the exterior side of the mattress. They often also hid behind picture frames that are near or above the bed, as well as in the bed frame, nearby nightstands and dressers. Their ability to hide well can make them hard to identify definitively, and also difficult to self-treat.

Finding bed bugs in your home does not make you a bad housekeeper. These bugs are brought into the home and do not determine how good you are in keeping house. Bed bugs are however common in crowded and cluttered households but this is because the availability of undisturbed hiding places can make a successful treatment difficult.

Best Bed Bug Treatment

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Online research can help you located the right bed bugs treatment for you and your family. Knowing that you have bed bugs puts you far closer to getting rid of them. It takes patience, but with the right course of action you can successfully treat your house and avoid having the problem spread to family and friends.

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