New Bed Bug Treatment Formula Even More Effective

bed bug treatmentNew Bed Bug Treatment Formula

Bed bugs evolve over the years to become immune to traditional pesticides and bed bug treatment. We are dedicated to testing our products effectiveness. Our in-house laboratories test our bed bug treatment productseffectiveness on a regular basis. We have changed our formula recently to provide you with the strongest and most effective bed bug treatment killing power we can. The best thing about it, is our bed bug treatment continues to be the most powerful non-toxic bed bug treatment on the market.

Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment Solution

We pride ourselves in being your non-toxic bed bug treatment solution. We understand the sufferring and anguish that comes along with a bed bug infestation. The bites won’t stop and only get worse over time. The itching is insatiable and the embarrassment is unbearable. It’s not your fault you have bed bugs and you can do something about it. Bed bugs do not judge by cleanliness, income or race. We are here to help along the way and will even work with you to develop a custom bed bug treatment method that will adjust to your personal needs.

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The Best Bed Bug Treatment

Apply Once & Keep Killing Bed Bugs for 60 days! Our do-it-yourself Bed Bug Treatment Kit is proven effective on bed bugs and it’s so easy to use!   This commercial strength Bed Bug kit provides enough EPA Registered pesticide AND Non Chemical product to treat up to two bed rooms or average apartment.  Use with our easy step-by-step instructions to kill bed bugs and disinfect your environment. This means you can sleep in the bed bug nest zone the very same night.



Quotes About Bed Bugs

It is very important to be sure that the encasement that you purchase has been specifically designed for bed bugs and has scientific data to support the effectiveness of the product. The EPA has a  bed bug product search tool  you can use to identify pesticides registered for use against bed bugs in various locations. Drying items such as clothing and rugs in a hot dryer for 20 minutes or more also will kill all stages of bed bugs. Also check all of the furniture in the room, especially the wooden and pleats of fabric furniture because bed bugs have been known to hide in the crevices.

Informational Video on How to Treat Bed Bugs