Proven Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

Many people do not know how to prevent bed bugs because they are not aware that they are so easily transmitted. Many homes are affected with the parasites without the knowledge of the home owner. To avoid an infestation, there are many simple measures that can be taken.

The easiest way to protect against the parasites is to use bed bug/parasite sprays or insecticides on all rugs/carpets, furniture, box springs, and mattresses throughout the house. This may be done every couple of months, depending on the preference of the home owner. If household members travel or stay in hotels/motels on a regular basis, their homes are at a higher risk of having the bed bugs transmitted into their living space. After spraying all furniture within the home, all clothing/bedding should be washed, and every room that was sprayed should be thoroughly vacuumed.

When traveling, all personal belongings should be sealed in plastic bags before being put into luggage/suitcases. After removing any articles from the sealed bags, they should be stored separate from the rest of the items. After arriving at home, all clothing and linens should be immediately cleaned, and suitcases should be stored in a freezer for about two weeks. This will guarantee that the bed bugs (if any) are all dead before they are brought into the home.

When taking in used furniture, a thorough visual inspection should be done to check for the parasites. Even if none are found, the furniture should either be steam-cleaned or sprayed with bed bug spray or an insecticide. Similar measures can be followed for any clothing or linens that are brought into a home by washing them before mixing them in with other articles of clothing. These steps can greatly reduce the chances of spreading bed bugs.

Since bed bugs like to hide in tiny cracks and crevices, cluttered rooms or spaces should be cleared out, organized, and cleaned. Cluttered areas usually tend to stay that way for a long time, allowing the bugs to continually lay eggs and multiply. Once this occurs, it becomes very hard to rid the bugs from a home. It is critical to wash all objects that are taken from the cluttered area before moving them to a different part of the home.

A plastic mattress cover can be used as an efficient way to eliminate the bugs from a bed. The plastic cover prevents the parasites that are in the mattress from coming out. If they remain trapped within the mattress cover, they will starve to death. This method also keeps bed bugs from entering the mattress. It is also important to wash all bedding and linens within the bedroom to completely eliminate the bugs from the bed.

In extreme cases, bed bugs cannot be controlled. If there is suspicion of an infestation, a pest control company can be made. The pest control will be able to determine if there is a parasite problem, and they can eliminate the problem themselves, or give the home owner professional advice on how to overcome the pests.

There are many simple measures that can be taken to help avoid an infestation of bed bugs. To any family that has dealt with the pests, the preventative measures are well-worth keeping the bugs away.

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