The phrase bed bug is a broad term used to reference all insect species that belong to the Cimex genus. . The preferred food of Atlanta bed bugs is human blood, as they are parasitic by nature. This is why those dealing with an infestation must learn how to effectively eradicate such pests. Although not exclusively nocturnal, bugs of this kind enjoy attacking during the night and whenever possible they avoid daylight.
bed bugs have an exceptional talent for hitching rides to their most desired locations without being detected. Contrary to what some individuals may think, it takes only several tiny eggs or one fertile female to create an infestation. If the female finds its way into a backpack, attache bag, purse or suitcase, it is easily transported to a new location where a future problem will soon occur.

Those who frequently travel are at a particularly high risk for carrying these insects into their home. Even nice hotels that are kept clean often become targets for infestations. International travelers may also inadvertently carry the pests into a person’s dwelling or other establishment, especially if they are arriving from countries where such insects are present in high numbers.

Purchasing used furnishings also provides a way through which these pests can enter a home. Even if the secondhand object is purchased from a well-meaning friend or coworker, there is no guarantee that it is 100 percent insect-free. Additionally, such pests enjoy clutter. Therefore, those who exterminate bed bugs should maintain a clean home in the future to prevent new infestations.

Itchy, red bite marks on an individual’s skin are the most overt sign of a problem. These marks frequently appear in clusters of three, although no one yet knows the reason for this occurrence. Small drops of blood from bugs that were killed during the night may be present on one’s bed linens as well.

Observing the actual insects is a bit more challenging than noting other signs of their presence. Some individuals take a flashlight to bed and wait in the dark for approximately half an hour without moving. After this period elapses, the person quickly pulls back the blankets and shines the light on any locations in question. The insects are thin and brown and their bodies feature an oval shape.

It is generally not a good idea to try to deal with Atlanta bed bugs without availing oneself of the services of an exterminator. This is because the products necessary to eradicate such insects are typically not available to the general public. However, the exterminators Atlanta residents contact have the appropriate chemicals and equipment to entirely eliminate these troublesome pests. For this reason, property owners should seek the services of such a professional when an infestation is underway.

If you are dealing with Atlanta bed bugs you need professional help. Clark Pest Remedy will exterminate bed bugs and make your home comfortable, when you contact us today.

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  • This will be determined through your description of the following areas (Maximum of 3 points each): (1) the extent of local bed bug infestation that you seek to address; (2) the results your project seeks to achieve in addressing the bed bug situation; (3) the affected community that you work directly with, or provide services to and how the affected community is disproportionately impacted by environmental harms and risks; (4) extent to which you plan to reach your target audience; and (5) how the affected community will benefit from your project’s intended local environmental and public health results.
  • For most people the only real danger of bed bug bites arises when you start itching them.
  • The one type of treatment that will absolutely eliminate a bed bug infestation is structural bed bug fumigation.
  • Most bed bugs can be found in the crevices and cracks of mattresses, chairs, and sofas.
  • However, for yourbedlam bed bug sprayproduct, we will most likely be shipping out the same day or the following business day.
  • To counter the use of chemical solutions as a bed bug spray, the use of inorganic materials is used.
  • For many people, bed bug bites cause no reaction at all, and as a result, bed bug infestations can go un-noticed for many weeks.
  • Remember, the way each person reacts to bed bug bites will vary upon their natural defenses and immune system.
  • The soft-sided unit provides a non-chemical solution to treat delicate items affected by bed bug infestation.
  • What kills bed bugs efficiently is to find and exterminate them in their hiding place. therefore you need to have to make a detail inspection of your house.
  • The most important thing is to prevent new bed bug bites, and this is only possible if you get rid of bed bugs in your home.