New 360 Dustwand Powder Sprayer, Particle Separator, Finds Many DiverseApplications in Consumer and Commercial Industries

New 360 Dustwand Powder Sprayer, Particle Separator, Finds Many Diverse
Applications in Consumer and Commercial Industries

The 360 Dustwand – Compact Home and Garden Particle Separating Powder Sprayer, Portable and Refillable Fire Extinguisher – dispenses all types of dry insecticides including boric acid, diatomaceous earth, baking soda (for fire AND pest insect control) dry magnetic dust for non-destructive testing and more. Fits anywhere (about the size of a soda can) to extinguish kitchen, automobile, boat and motorcycle engine fires. Kill bed bugs or prevent all types of insect infestations with long-lasting powders applied by the Dustwand. Bakers to engineers find Dustwand’s go anywhere applicability a welcome asset.


Eventually most everyone encounters a situation where an insecticide or fire extinguisher is needed to save the day. Wherever that problem arises, the Dustwand may be the most convenient answer. Cover all of those hidden insect travel or harborage surfaces quickly

and easily with the Dustwand. Use the Dustwand with baking soda to isolate the fuel supply of the fire from the oxygen without the need for extensive clean-up operations associated with conventional fire extinguishers.


Homeowners and specialized professionals across the US employ the 360 Dustwand for tasks ranging from insect pest control to many types of mold releases and a plethora of other uses. Engineers say it is the perfect tool for the application of penetrant developer

powders and dry magnetic dusts used in non-destructive testing, especially in awkward,limited space environments. Blast low-impact long lasting dry insecticides into insect concealing voids where other devices cannot reach. Shoot baking soda to stop many types of small fires…for home, car, boat, shed, attic, yard and other locations…


About The Dustwand Company: started in 1981, the need for a 360-degree dust applicator was soon realized, developed and patented. The 360 Dustwand is in use all across the United States.


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