Sadly, there are many people that do not have termite protection on their homes until it is too late that they have a termite problem and this will be more expensive to manage a termite infestation than it is to have the protection in place.

In today’s climate people are looking at ways to save money but termite protection will actually save you money if you think of the many dollars that it would take to replace the damage to structure that a termite infestation could do. Especially when you think that insurance policies do not cover termite damage so it makes sense to have a termite protection strategy in place.

In the good old days termite protection included using termite barriers. Although in principle this should of worked but the termites soon found gaps in the barriers and could detect the chemical. So unfortunately this method was deemed useless and ineffective when it came to home owners protecting their properties from termite damage.

Science at its best produced a chemical barrier called Termidor which offer a more advanced means of termite protection. Unlike other chemicals that have been used in the past the new chemical is undetectable so the termites cross the barrier and in doing so, pick up toxins on their body parts unknowingly. These toxins are then carried back to the colony and passed around during the termite grooming process, so they have the capacity to kill off the colony and provide longer term termite protection.

Currently there are a number of options used as a way of giving termite protection including baiting and dusting however, a good chemical barrier may offer years of termite protection. Termite experts generally offer a lengthy guarantee with a modern chemical barrier termite protection treatment. Of course, even if you do decide on a termite protection method like the Termidor chemical barrier, it’s still important to maintain regular inspections. That’s firstly because of a small risk that termites will find another route into your home; and secondly, because your termite protection guarantee is likely to be conditional on regular inspections.

As you can see you run the risk of going it alone and hope and pray that you the termites won’t come a knocking or you invest in termite protection by having a regular pest inspection which can pick up termite activity before they become a problem and eat away at your home. To me the decision is an easy one.

Bob Waters gives tips on Termite Inspection Canberra and other pest treatments.