Pest is always a nuisance especially on our homes and structures. It is easier to examine your home thoroughly and undertake the upkeep and minor repairs required to maintain a pest out of the residence rather than to eradicate a pest which has taken up in residence. There are lots of different ways on identifying points around your house that can provide access for unsolicited pests like birds, insects or animals.

Indoor Pest Proofing should be done by washing the house thoroughly. You need to wash surfaces and hard-to-reach places behind and under furniture and appliances to ensure that there are no entrance for unsolicited animals and pests. Remember to examine and repair the floor, ceiling, wall and foundation surfaces.

Pay particular attention to windows and doors. The open joints of they are natural entry points of insects and small bodied pests. You could think about using a draft gauge to identify pest entry points at the joints of windows and doors, then weather-strip a faulty window or door to make a pest proof seal around it.

Outdoor-Pest Proofing might be done by ensuring that your house walls, foundation, roofing materials and eaves are well sealed and in good repair. Identifying entry points should also be considered specially if you wish to avoid small insects from entering your residence. You could screen a deck or porch underside to protect against pests or you could screen a stack vent to avoid bird pests.

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