It can be a terrible nuisance if you are plagued with termites in Georgia. . These are very pernicious creatures that are similar to bees and ants in their behaviour. They create complex homes sometimes underground or in the mounds that are the classic feature of some landscapes.

It is not every termite that is a pest. In natural habitats they can form an important element in the ecology of the local environment. Some varieties are also edible either fully grown or as larvae. They can be roasted to make a nutritious snack. However, the most of these insects are a nuisance and even a dangerous risk when they exist in close proximity to human homes, gardens and farms.

They have been known to interfere with agriculture particularly the cultivation of potatoes and other root crops. They can also be a risk to a number of vegetable varieties too including maize. In times of drought the creatures are known to even attack flowers and a number of environment species.

However, they can wreak the most havoc when they attack buildings. The damage they can cause to a property can be total destruction especially those build from lumber. It is not unheard of for a roof to collapse or window frames to crumble to dust. The worst thing is that this process can take place virtually undetected.

However, the activities of the termite are never quite invisible and with vigilance can be spotted before they wreak to much damage on infrastructure. Keeping an eye out for tube runways made from mud is a good idea. Also, take note of when a swarm flies in especially after the rains. They are looking for a new home and you should take steps to make sure they do not go for yours.

There are ways to prevent infestation. You can do things inside and outside your home. For example, they are particularly attracted to decaying wood. Remove old tree stumps and other dead wood from the vicinity of buildings. Also, prevent wood from getting damp. Ensure that wood is treated first with a solvent based primer like Solignum. Then paint it with an oil based paint and renew the painting every few years.

Stop termites in Georgia from devastating your property by seeking help from a Valdosta GA pest control service or a Brunswick pest control service. With expert advice such as this you should be guided in the steps to take to save your home from attack. If you see any of the tell tale signs of attack, act quickly before the situation gets out of hand.

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Facts and Details

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