Lay Down The Law With These Pest Control Tips

If you’re a homeowner, pests can be a problem. There are a lot of forms a pest can come in. For example, pests can be a fly, ant, mouse, or even a raccoon. In the worst cases, failing to control pests might even result in damage to your home. The following tips will help you address your pest problem.

Kill flying bugs with hairspray. Perfume will also work. Make sure you do not get these substances in your eyes. Both products are flammable, so don’t use them near an open flame! This is a good quick fix if you find yourself without an insecticide spray. [youtube 4qx751dNw7Q]

If birds are doing their business all around your home try and remove their roosting places. If they are roosting on a branch, cut it down. If birds are sitting on your window ledges, add spikes so that they will move.

Get rid of the standing water around your home. Standing water is something that pests are highly attracted to. Make sure to check your entire home for leaky pipes and make sure to clean the water trays under the house plants. Without water sources, pests will not thrive in your house.

Try using plastic storage for storing dry foods. The majority of dry goods are packaged in bags or boxes that are easily penetrated by pests. After you return home from shopping, be sure to transfer dry food product into airtight containers. Plastic containers are very good. They keep a tight seal and maintain the food’s freshness.

Just like other insects, flour moths love eating your foods. Ensuring there is nothing for them to eat is a good way to get them gone. Seal up all of your food items tightly, from cereal to pasta to sugar, and you’ll get rid of any potential pest problem.

Have a roach problem? Consider using diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle this earth in places where roaches live, including small, hidden spots like behind kitchen appliances or the tops of your cabinets. Diatomaceous earth does not pose any danger to humans. Small particles work to kill bugs in just two days by invading their exoskeletons. Roach numbers may first increase, but you should be rid of them in a couple of weeks.

When you suspect that termites have caused some wood damage, examine the wood’s annual rings. Termites only eat soft wood, so if there is something wrong with the rings, it isn’t termites. If they are still intact, then it’s probably a termite problem you’re dealing with.

If bees are living around your house, you should call a professional to take care of the problem. It might be hard to tell if you have African bees, they can be dangerous.

As previously mentioned, any pest can mess up your home. It can be very expensive to hire someone; you can always save some cash and do it yourself. Use the information here as a guide for getting rid of these pests.

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Did You Know?

  • Feeling dependent on others to solve a bed bug infestation means putting trust in strangers to solve what may seem like an insurmountable problem.
  • They are off-white and are most easily seen under a magnifying glass.
  • Complete elimination of a bed bug infestation may be difficult without the services of a knowledgeable Pest Control Service.
  • Do not wait until you see bed bug bites on your skin to do something proactive.
  • For some background on bed bug bites,here’s a post from October 2006about doctors (not) diagnosing them, which links to a number of photos of bed bug bites that do, and don’t, look typical.
  • For many people, the immediate reaction to a bed bug infestation is to throw the infested items away.
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