Rodents, insects, spiders and more can invade a home, bringing filth and disease with them. Others may literally eat away the wood that forms the house. Fortunately, it is possible to rid a home of these pests. By calling for pest control Southlake TX residents can live without the bother these invaders bring.

The rodent family includes rats, mice, squirrels and others. Rats and mice are known for leaving waste where they travel. They can chew through many different materials, including electrical wiring and PVC pipe. They often chew into containers of food. Squirrels create trouble by storing nuts and seed in the attic for winter.

Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to control. Professional exterminators can use chemicals that are specifically designed for eliminating roaches from the home while minimizing the danger for humans and pets. The chemicals used are sprayed into cracks where the cockroaches hide and breed.

While most spiders are harmless to humans they create webs that can be annoying. Most people feel more comfortable with the spiders gone from the home. In addition, the black widow and the brown recluse spiders are harmful to humans and should be eliminated from one’s house.

North Texas residents may be affected by fire ants. These ants are far worse than most other ants. They build large anthills in the grass. They forage for plant and animal materials to feed the hive and can destroy the most beautiful of lawns. However, the biggest problem is their painful bite. A person or animal disturbing the anthill can suffer several hundred bites in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the ants are attracted to electricity and can stop the contacts on air conditioner units from working correctly.

Termites are useful in the forest where they clear dead trees and fallen limbs. However, in the residential suburb, the termite can cause homeowners problems. The eat away the wood that forms one’s home. They are known to cause billions of dollars in damage annually. Exterminators often treat termites with barriers and baits. Newer barrier treatments can also help to eliminate other termites that remain in the colony.

Even the helpful honey bee can become a problem if it chooses to build a hive in the walls of a house. The honey that is produced can begin to seep through walls creating a sticky mess. If disturbed, the bees can cause painful stings.

Exterminators use safe methods to eliminate pests from the home. The chemicals used provide a safer method than many sold at home improvement stores. Professional chemicals are formulated to eliminate specific pests. Many consumer bought pesticides are wide spectrum and more likely to cause harm to humans or pets. These specific pesticides allow the exterminator to use fewer chemicals in the home while still offering the resident effective management of the pests in the house.

When homeowners are having problems with pests, an exterminator can help. With pest control Southlake TX residents are able to live in homes free of pests, such as rodents, insects and spiders. Exterminators know bugs and other pests, as well as the most effective way to get rid of them without creating danger to home residents.