Are bed bugs extinct

No!  In fact we now have an epidemic!  Bed bugs are still alive and well. More infestations are reported daily in states all over the US and in other countries. More bed bug infestations are reported daily.

If you asked any professional exterminator 10 years ago how best to handle for bed bugs, you would’ve gotten steady replies and a whole bunch of blank stares. There weren’t any specific chemicals on the market for bed bugs back then and even the intranet had just a couple of connections that typically referred to a pest from a long ago. Bed Bugs were never mentioned till around about 2003.  There were no so called Bed bug Products on the market.

Bed bugs, for all comprehensive purposes, were not around in America shortly after World war ii as DDT and chlorinated hydro carbon sprays were quite effective at reducing this once prominent bug to all but a footnote in American history. Now in 2010 there’s not a day that goes by without emails and articles  humming with bed bug alerts.

Why the sudden Bed bug surge?

For a similar cause, bed bugs traveled to America first of all, and this is the main reason they’re making their massive bounce back. The abandoned saying “sleep tight do not let the bed bugs bite” was not conceived in the United States. But was employed by the early settlers as actual information.

Now while these early residents had to handle new pests they’ve never witnessed before in their new land, bed bugs were something that they were already familiar with. Their beddings were suspended and held together by ropes and saggy ropes allowed for more bed bugs to find their way at night,  while tight ropes meant one or two less bed bug bites. These bugs traveled with the early settlers and rapidly changed into a problem.

Why bed bugs will never become extinct once again.

This bed bug pest can’t fly, hop or  run awfully fast ; it simply hides in your private belongings and where ever you go, the bed bug will readily set up shop. Now days, with so many visitors coming from other countries  and into United States  and our voters traveling the world like never before, the bed bug has once again ‘traveled back’ and in just a few short years re-infested what used to be prohibited territory.

Are there other factors?

Some individuals lay partial blame for the bed bugs resurgence at the capital of the ‘green movement.’ While for years it was fully responsible, reasonable and proper way to treat a home with a hand held sprayer or with bed bug products. This included the sprinkling of footings and baseboards, all of a sudden this new wave of exterminators advised us that this practice was no longer acceptable.

The idea goes that since there wasn’t any residual in this favorite hiding and trafficked area, the bed bugs agilely built with no barrier there to keep them under control. Now houses that had been receiving a service all along were just as plagued as the ones that had not.

Why bed bugs won’t ever become extinct once again.

Bed bugs will definitely be all over for a very long time. While more recent ‘non chemical’ techniques are being converted all of the time, they produce limited impact when used alone.  Yet our insistent appetite for traveling, the world, it seems we won’t even catch up to the spread of this blood sucking bed bug. They will under no circumstances be thrown out in our land again.

It appears  that controlled, responsible protocols for pest management by using toxic and non toxic chemicals is becoming our latest footnote of history, there will be no one standing in the way of this resurgence from becoming an epidemic. Therefore, I you ask “will bed bugs ever die out again”? The answer’s no.