Are bed bugs real or a myth?

Bed bugs are certainly very real. The thought that they are a myth comes from the nursery rhyme  “sleeping tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Like lots of other old nursery rhymes, this one was made up because of a real creature that normally bites while a victim is sleeping, hince the name bed bugs.

Lets talk about a few Myths and put these to bed!  Hotels don’t have any more bed bug incidents than other type of lodgings such as bed and breakfast, cabins, etc.  In 2005 bed bugs was a hot travel topic when bed bugs turned up in 5 star hotels.

While a well cleaned home can help deter flocks parasites, there is no truth to the tenet that you can’t get
infested simply because your place is brighten. The myth a well kept household can not be plagued leads to further

Without reference to your daily cleaning habits, there is no purpose why you can’t bring bed bugs home from a holiday or a work trip that placed you in an infested hotel for the night. College students can bring them home as well if they are sleeping in a dormitory or house building.

Any sort of living space that has a tendency to share laundry areas or frequent ground like corridorsseenin loft buildings are fairly sure to also share the bugs that are found in one arena. Furniture can be plagued even if it’s
brand new and delivered by professionals.

Prevalent Bed Bug Myth 2 :

You do not have to dump your bedding because you’ve got a bed bug swarm! Simply vacuum your mattress, then steam clean it to get rid of the bed bug stains and to clean the mattress, then put it in an entomologist tested mattress
protector. This could seal any bed bugs you could have missed in the mattress encasement and it will also keep any
from getting back on it. You mattress will remain clean.

Typical Bed Bug Myth 3 :

I’ll just call the Exterminator and my bed bugs will be gone! The EPA Clearly states that getting rid of bed bugs
requires a large amount of common-sense practices and diligent work from the home owner. The exterminator won’t
clean your mattress, vacuum your room and everything in it, spread diatomaceous earth along your base boards, seal
your crevices and cracks and de clutter your room. You’ve got to do that! They only spray or bring dogs to smell
and identify if you have bed bugs.

Typical Bed Bug Myth Four :

People think that bed bugs are extinct and it’s a problem that other folks have. Our regime has made public that bed bugs are now considered a pandemic due to world travel, insecticides that do not work and the absence of our awareness.

Typical Bed Bug Myth Five :

Folk think if they stay in 5 star hostels that they will avoid bringing home bed bugs OR that these hotels do not
have bed bugs in them. We all know that hostels do not advertise that they have bed bugs because this would cripple
their business, however know that every hotel whether its a dump or a Five star hotel it still is at risk in contacting bed bugs thanks to the high travel rate.