Can bed bugs fly?

No!  Bed bugs are wingless insects so they can not fly. Bed bugs usually move throughout your dwelling by crawling.

Bedbugs can crawl at a high speed compared to other insects or bugs. They will crawl out of their hiding places while you are sleeping to feed, but they do not fly.

Bed bugs can only  crawl while they scurrying into dark, very tight spaces where they prefer to hide.  They move as fast as an ant.  Bed Bugs can’t jump or fly either  and they will not burrow into your skin either.   If there is an  insect you have seen or you suspect you saw something when the lights were out near the bed or a couch, it was probably a bed bug looking for a meal.

Bed bugs keep to themselves and they aren’t social insects like ants, therefore  they don’t need a nearby friends. But while bed bugs group together in good dark hiding spots, some loners can be hiding elsewhere.

The Bedbug is also called Cimex lectucularius.  It cannot fly because it has only vestigial wings; neither can the bed bug jump. It hides itself among cracks and crevices and comes out at night to feed. It primarily lives on humans,  but is known to infest certain zoo animals too.